Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Close ups!

Jimmy's Christmas Pajama Pants!
Made my Dad ones like Jimmy's John Deere ones above!
James' Christmas Pajama Pants!

Mystery Beret by Wooly Wormhead

Gretel by Ysolda Teague

Brambles Beret by Amanda Muscha


KnitNurd said...

All of it is very nice Dawn! I especially LOVE the Brambles Beret...gorgeous!!!!

Nichole said...

Love the berets!

Channon said...

I think I aspire to make flannel pants for the Knight and me for Christmas next year.

Love the berets too!

Ms. Diva said...

I cannot get the hang of Gretel!!! I am gonna try one more time!!! Your pj's are fab!!!!

Courtney said...

Those are some lovely Christmas gifts!!! I LOVE THEM!

g-girl said...

great pj bottoms! love the berets..especially that last one. wow! they're gorgeous. :)