Friday, August 31, 2007

Dad's Birthday!

Today is my dad'1s birthday...Happy Birthday Dad!
Plus its my uncles birthday, his twin...Happy Birthday Richard!
We're all still more from the medicine...I've lost a pound being sick from it. Guess that's a positive...40 more to go!:)
Working on another angel cloth and a knitted cupcake for my dad. He's a diabetic so this will be totally carb free, sugar free for him! I'll post when I'm finished.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Pumpkin Towel!

I finished another towel...a pumpkin. Its for my little pumpkin!

Today is my mama's birthday! Happy Birthday Mom!

We're still sick.....ugh....achoo...hack hack

Sunday, August 26, 2007


The banquet went well and was really fun. Jimmy had a blast playing, swimming and hanging out with his friends. This is the awesome trophy he received!

I was presented with a box filled with candles for being secretary of the team. Very pretty and smells sooo good. The potluck was scrumptious...bbq meat, rice, orange chicken, different pastas, salads, pizza, cupcakes, cookies, fruit...I think I need to go eat lunch this is making me hungry!

Finished another dishcloth...angel!

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Yarn Store!

Yeah! I got a flyer in the mail yesterday advertising a yarn store in town. Its called The Yarn Palette. So cool. I hope they get some awesome things. The only other yarn store is 50mi. away from me so I mainly order through Patternworks or Knitpicks. But sometimes you have to touch and smell the yarn!:) They open next weekend so guess what I'll be checking out!

Today is the Oasis Swim team banquet. There should be some real yummy food and fun for all. Hmmm???? Let you know tomorrow. Hopefully we all feel well enough to go. Even hubby came home from work yesterday feeling under the weather. I'm just praying it doesn't turn into another sinus infection.

Went to Joann's and Michaels yesterday and bought some more cotton yarn (white, orange, red, blue, green). These are my current LYS!:) Have a great weekend!

Friday, August 24, 2007

Butterfly Towel!

Finished another towel. This one is a turquoise butterfly. It turned out a lot bigger than the other towels I've done but still real pretty. Pretty fun with all the yarn overs!

My throats not on fire today! Yeah, just snotty! Gotta go get some more cotton yarn, go to the library, walmart....errands, errands, errands! Tomorrow is the Oasis Swim Team banquet. It should be fun. The kids get to play, have a potluck, given awards, play and karaoke. Hope everyone behaves themselves! Hope we feel good enough to enjoy ourselves.

Thursday, August 23, 2007


Surprise, surprise I awoke to a sore throat, snot, and headache! How fortunate of me! Yes, Jo, I'll be chugging the vitamin C later today with my hot tea! How could I not get sick being around it 24/7. Especially when they don't feel good and need snuggles!:) Jimmers went ahead yesterday and we did school! He took breaks and layed down in between things but got the days school done...such a trooper. Think he did it so he could play Club Penguin on the computer and me not say "Well, if you feel good enough to play Penguins you feel good enough to do school!" Such mom language I know! Gotta go get more hot tea!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Sick Boy!

Well, starting off the school year great...Jimmy's sick! Stuffy, runny nose, and bad sore throat! You know they feel bad when all they want to do is lay down. No computer or tv just lay down. Poor kid was still willing to try and do school but told him to just rest. Fuji took care of him and layed by him all day...such a sweet puppy! I got a lot of paperwork/bills/minutes done though. We'll see how he's feeling today when he wakes up. He asked last night if he could go to the doctor today. Poor kiddo! Of course I'll be getting it soon....

Knitting another doing these plus they'll make lovely Christmas gifts. Getting in the mood to tackle another pair of socks though.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Happy Birthday Patrick!

Today is our bearded dragons 3rd birthday! Boy does it seem like we've had him longer! a lot longer!:)

Lookie, lookie what my Florida buddy sent me! Florida Jibbitz! They are sooo cute! That was so much fun! Thanks a bunch Jen and sending you Cali hugs!

Last night was the last night I was secretary for the swim team board. Such a relief to know I won't have to be involved with all the petty squabbles and........On to new things......

First day of school went really great. Going to have to bump him up another grade level because its stuff he already knows....that means more curriculum! As of now I can hand him all his school books and say do it....with no instruction...whats the point of this? He likes it cuz he can get it done quick but......Gotta order more books and stuff. Tootles!

Monday, August 20, 2007

Starting School!

Going to be starting school today! I'm sure Jimmy is soooo looking forward to it!:) I've been preparing it all weekend! Hope we have a great start!

I've completed two more dishcloths. The three crosses I did on our trip to Legoland...long car drive! Then I started the Harry Potter one Saturday night and finished this morning! I have no idea what the design is on the bottom. I figured out the HP...I assume it is the golden snitch or maybe its just a golden stitch!:) Hmmm. You'd have thought a lightening bolt would be cool. I'll have to make it up myself.

Gotta get busy. Swim team board meeting tonight....Tootles!

Saturday, August 18, 2007


I'm sooooooo, soooooo tired! We had so much fun at Legoland but we are all totally exhausted. We got soaked (dripping wet from head to toe) on Splash Battle and were still wet when we left! Of course my little fishy had to go play in Soak-n-Sail. Didn't have a towel or change of clothes...didn't even think of them having stuff like that! Haven't been there in a couple of years so there was a lot of new things. Ate in Knights Kingdom...played some more and then had some yummy apple fries. I've got to experiment and learn how to make these...making me hungry just thinking about them. Got Jimmy a cool pirate hat and sword and James got me a skull bracelet for surviving Splash Battle! We played a lot in Pirate Shores. Jimmy also got some Bionicles too. He crashed on the long drive too!:) Going to do some laundry and veg on the couch. Don't think I can move much anyways today!

Friday, August 17, 2007


Heroes Wanted! Knights and Princesses Wanted! Firefighters Wanted! Adventurers Wanted! Wave Racers Wanted! Explorers Wanted! Drivers Wanted! Pirates Wanted! Whoo hoo going to Legoland California! Fun, Fun, Fun!

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Booty from Jen!

OH my gosh! I just got the cutest, coolest package in the mail from Jen. I was her 500th comment on her blog. I know, me comment...never!:) It is the cutest bag evah! Pirate motif hence the name booty bag! Then inside were a bunch of awesome goodies....2 itty bitty highlighters, yarn cutter (that I didn't have one but always wanted), a sheep tape measure (that I've wanted forever and Santa never puts it in my stocking) and the most adorable mints that have a girl knitting on the tin filled with sugar free green apple mints. I love, love, love it! Thank you so much Jen...sending you a big hug as I'm squealing with delight! Will think of you every time I use it! Love ya!

Walmart Day!

My mouth hurts sooo bad...especially the jaw. Swollen and bruised too. Thank God for makeup! I have to go to Walmart today and get stuff. Really need some chocolate mint ice cream (for my mouth of course)!:) Slept most of the day yesterday except to take Jimmy to swim practice. Also watched "So You Think You Can Dance." All the final four are really good. Sabra and Lacey have been real consistent the whole time except for Lacey's solos. It'd be a tough decision. Love that show! Gotta go do laundry and, fun, fun. Tomorrow is Legoland! Whoohoo!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Root Canal, Part 2

Today I get the other half of my root canal done. Sound fun and exciting I know! I'll be numb on one side all day! Guess I'll have to put my avatar in a pirate outfit again!:) If I feel good enough I still have a lot more school to plan. I did get math, language, and writing finished yesterday. You can tell I don't write much because I got such a writers cramp! Another fun thing I did yesterday was break my baby toe! My hubby left a ladder (metal 40ft) in the laundry room and I had the clothes in my hand and phone to my ear and the dang ladder jumped out, grabbed my baby toe and yanked! Can you imagine the horror! Dropped the clothes (luckily not on my Fuji), phone went flying, and I stood there frozen. Hurt so bad I couldn't even say a curse word, which is a good thing....Poor little piggy is purply, red, blue color. No he didn't go wee, wee, wee all the the way home! Gotta get ready for my appt.!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

School Planning!

I've got to start getting my lesson plans all written and planned out for the year. I'm going to be doing this alllllllll week! I have all the curriculum and everything I want to use but I'm very anal about having absolutely everything written out and planned down to the day we start till the day we end. Then if I'm sick or something anyone can come in and see what to do. Such a good girl...ahhhh!:)

Friday is hopefully our Legoland long as none of us gets sick. Of course Jimmy wakes up today snotty but hopefully that's just wake up boogies! Lovely blog talk!

Booked the hotel for our La Jolla trip. Its a swim meet in the ocean. Its called La Jolla Rough Water Swim but its in a cove and not too far out into the ocean. That is on September 9th but were staying the night before because its over 3 hours away and want him to practice the day before. Poor kid has never even been in the ocean and he's going to swim 250yds.! He's excited and wants to do it though. Think he wants the "Survivor" medal more than anything!:)

Gonna go start my chores....TTFN

Monday, August 13, 2007

Monday, Monday!

Gonna take it easy today...pooped out from the weekend. Haven't decided yet if we're going to swim team practice tonight. Going to make some phone calls today regarding swim teams and get some questions answered.

Also am going to make some more strawberry jam...I'm being a squirrel and stocking up for winter! Plus they're sitting on my counter and want to do it before my pesky little piss ants find them! Can't wait to get some of the stuff Dawn suggested!

Jen, yes I've had a hang up about knitting in public but I'm coming out of my shell now! Usually I end up yapping to much to knit too!:) Then I mess up whatever I'm knitting....or if I'm at an appt. they'll call my name when I'm right in the middle of a row....I know excuses, excuses! I did start getting the hang of not looking at my knitting the whole time I'm doing it! Another hang up, yes, afraid I'm going to mess up!

See ya later alligator!

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Second Day at Downey!

Boy, I'm almost too pooped to write. Jimmy did ok today still very, very proud of him. 50 meters is such a long stretch! He was very tired after his warm up and said he was worn out to race...poor kiddo. Went to McD's and came home. Oh and I knitted in public today too. Aren't you proud of me! Tootles!

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Downey Swim Meet!

Boy am I pooped! Jimmy did sooooo awesome today! He shaved off 6 seconds off his breast stroke time which has put him in a higher bracket! Whoohoo! He did it so beautifully too. I'm so proud of him. He did pretty good on his back stroke too. He got a cool t-shirt as a souvenir that has his team name and his name with a star besides it. He was the only one today at the meet from his team. Tomorrow there will be two others besides him.

I actually knitted in public too at the meet! My hubby teased me because I usually don't so he gave me a hard time! I'm usually running around so much at meets but had time to sit today. Also played with a ladies baby chihuahua. Made me miss my Fuji Ann! Gave her lots of kisses when we got home. Gonna go soak in my tub and fill it with Bath and Body Works Sweat Pea or Wild Honeysuckle. Think I'm feeling more Sweet than Wild! ha ha Can you tell I'm tired!

Saw lots of Florida license plates today and I yelled at the cars to tell Jenny "hi!" Even saw a restaurant named Florida! Lots of reminders today of Jen! Didn't see a Texas plate at all! But "hi!" Dawn!:) I'm really going to go this time...tootles!

Friday, August 10, 2007

Cleaning the Dwelling!

Today I've got to get my cave cleaned and all my chores done because we have a swim meet all weekend. Oh joy! Keep hoping my head will stop pounding off from this sinus infection and that the medicine will start working. It was real nice at swim team practice last night. No bullies and great coaching! I'm surprised I don't have ulcers from all the worrying I do....

Almost finished another dishcloth but ran out of yarn. I only have 7 more rows! So put it on a holder until I have time to go get some and casted on for another. Won't be able to do a pic of it either because am doing them for Christmas gifts!

Gotta go blow my nose and get another cup of hot tea. Bought some really yummy kind the other day its Lipton black tea but has the flavor added...Vanilla Carmel Truffle and the other one is Orange Spice. Pretty yummy hot or cold. The truffle one comes in cute, clear, triangular bags! Guess I'm easily entertained!:)

Thursday, August 9, 2007


Uggg! Yesterday I took Fuji to get her one year old shots and she weighs 10lbs. Such a big girl! When we got home I found ants in my pantry. Started cleaning that mess up and spraying and found they were in my kitchen and my palm tree bathroom! I hate ants! Of course one of the tiny boogers crawled into a hole of my crocs and bit me! Had to stop and get alcohol to put on it because it started swelling and itching. Finally go them cleaned up. This morning I found some in my laundry room and hallway. 5:00 a.m. I'm cleaning ants!

My cold has now turned into a sinus infection. So far I'm doing ok with the medicine not killing my stomach too bad. Hope I feel better soon because we have a longgggg swim meet this weekend on both days. Jimmy is really getting into his swimming and improving sooo much. He's shaving off seconds off his time at each meet. He isn't enjoying practices that much because there are some bullies on the team which aren't disciplined and made to stop hurting kids. Looking into other options. The one were considering is 45 minutes away whereas right now were 10 minutes. Have to think whats best for Jimmy.

Hubby went and bought 12 trees so we can start getting a wind break and landscaping. The people looked at him real weird and asked if he had enough room for these trees!:) Can't wait to get them planted.

Knitting news...started another dishcloth pattern. These are quite fun and quick. Sock yarn is still staring at me!:) Gotta go grab me some more advil! TTFN

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Finished Cat Cloth!

Yeah, I finished the cat cloth. It turned out so good. Need to block it and it'll look better. Also bought some more cotton to make more dishcloths. They're really fun and it doesn't take forever to finish!:)

My aunt made some pickles the other day and gave me some....yummy, they're sooo good. Whew, just made my mouth water!

My electric fence isn't working today and is open so I can't go anywhere until hubby gets home tonight and fixes it. Gonna make some jam and knit a bit!

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Cat Cloth!

Started a cat cloth for my mom's birthday...shhh Peggy! Had ten rows done and noticed the numbers were not matching...duh might help to put enough on the needles...had to frog the whole thing and start over! Don't know whats with me and knitting lately! Thought I'd post what I have so far! Tootles!

Summer Dream (nightmare) Sock!

Finished the dreaded sock! When I was doing the binding off the stitches weren't setting right to bind off the right did this happen? This is the first time I've done a pattern in a sock must have messed up after completing the pattern and going into the foot part????? I don't know if I should even do the next one? What if I can't screw up in the right spot? The pattern didn't even call for 5 needles it said 4 but didn't know how to evenly separate the stitches. Maybe that's where it messed up clear at the beginning? What should I do? Go on to different yarn and different pattern?

Happy Birthday Gypsy!

Happy Birthday Gypsy! Can't believe your 8 years old today! Hope you like your new toy and bone! Have a doggone good day!

Saturday, August 4, 2007

Pic for Jen!!!!

I've gotten to the part I can start doing the dang toe! How in the world did I do this sock where I have to purl the whole thing? It looks like its for a very fat foot too??? I even used itty bitty size 2 dpn! Oh well...I will finish it! I'll do better about putting more pics on too....:)


Feeling a little better today, not as sore. Still can't open my mouth that wide. Doesn't look as bruised either.

Today is my uncles birthday...Happy Birthday Bill! Its also one of my friends at swimming birthday...Happy Birthday Susie!

I've got so much to do today...laundry, ironing, vacuuming, bathrooms....etc.

I did work on my sock last night and this morning and almost to the toe part...diligence :) I will finish this sock...number 2 hmmm??? Of course I'm too stubborn not too! See ya!

Friday, August 3, 2007


My face is no longer numb its now swollen and hurting! Whaaa! Worked on the Oasis swim team information book all day yesterday until it was time for practice. Lots of work! So today I'm not doing anything...and staying home. Yeah right! Going to change beds but thats it...

I'm getting bored working on this sock I've been working on forever. Somehow the foot part is supposed to be just knit around but I've got it where I'm having to purl the whole dang thing, yuck! Love the feel of the Panda Cotton but it doesn't stay together and I notice on the following round which then I have to back knit! This might an only, lonely sock, if I ever finish it! So I dug out an alpaca throw I'd started and did a row on that...think I was really just too tired and mouth hurting to do anything. Did stay up to watch "So You Think You Can Dance." Love that show!

Notice we're not in Legoland! Jimmy, Me and Hubby got a cold, will have to go in a couple of weeks! There are so really special blog people out there. Yesterday my buddy in Texas sent my buddy in Florida a beautiful care package. Very touching and will bring tears to your eyes. Fills me with such joy to see the love... this week I've been a faucet, every little thing makes me cry. Hugs to Jen and Dawn!

Hey Jen, did you still want to do the jibbitz swap? huh? huh? huh? Been thinking of some wild and crazy ideas! :) Talk to ya later...I need to keep from smiling cuz every time I do it hurts!

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Arrr Matey!

Went to get a root canal yesterday, showed up at the office and the whole building had no power! It had been out for over 45 minutes so they had to reschedule it. Went this morning and I'm so eye is numb that I feel like a pirate..arrr! The dentist explained that redheads have a gene that makes anaesthesia not work as well. Lovely! He gave me extra which I'm glad...I'd rather be numb all day than to feel any of the work being done! Hope today is better, had a lot of problems at swim team yesterday...very upset about things there. Gotta go rest because I can't even focus to really do this post. Tootles!

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Happy August 1st!

Today I have to have a root canal done...great way to start the first of the month! Don't know what else I'll be doing today except taking advil!:) Swim team practice...maybe. I was supposed to go out to lunch with my friend but instead I get shots of Novocaine! Whoohoo! Friday we're going to Legoland...really looking forward to that. We usually go every year but with building the new house the past couple of years there hasn't been time. I'm looking forward to these fried apple wedges they have that you did into whip cream....oh yummmmmmm oops let me dry off the computer keys where I'm drooling...jk! Have a great day!