Thursday, January 31, 2008

Finished Socks!

Whoohoo I finished my Dawn socks! I didn't know if I'd ever finish these! They are so pretty! I bought a pretty pink t-shirt to wear with them. Tomorrow I'll be pretty in pink!:) My kitty, Cosmo, is still sick...Doc #1 doesn't really know whats wrong with him...going to take him to Doc #2 next week. Now I'm off to learn how to do Magic Loop! YouTube here I come!:)

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

A whole week...

Wow its been a whole week since I posted! Had a really bad reaction to new thyroid medications. Yesterday was the first day I felt somewhat normal. Yesterday my internet wasn't working...boy do you find out how addicted you Webkinz for a whole day! Also was at the vet off and on all day with our 2 yr. old kitty, Cosmo. Two weeks ago they said it was thyroid problems...he's gotten worse...and now they see something in his bladder but don't know what. I call today at 3 to see what they say but am thinking on a second opinion. Still working on the Dawn socks but haven't really knitted nothing.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008


Went to the dentist yesterday...two cavities and need a crown..oh joy. Then went and got my hair trimmed and styled. Poor Jimmy was sooo bored but was such a jewel! Stopped and got him another webkinz and me a cinnamon roll candle....smells good enough to eat. Still not feeling all that great either but have been doing the elliptical for half a mile.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

You will be missed...

James Dean Canfield
February 14, 1927-January 16, 2008
Just was notified last night that our really dear friend passed away sometime Wednesday. He died from lymphoma which he didn't let anyone know about. I'd been asking him this past year if something was wrong. I'm sure he didn't tell me because Andrea had died from cancer. I bet he is so excited to now be reunited with his wife whom he adored above anything and called her his bride. He's known me all his life..was like a grandfather to me and the last 10 yrs. we have been really close. He lost his wife and I'd lost both of my grandfathers. We'd talk for hours on the phone and joke around...Him and hubby were really close too...going to Nascar races in AZ and having a blast together. So many wonderful memories....We love you Jim!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Dawn Sock #1

One Dawn sock finished and another started. The sour patch watermelon candies are the exact same color as the yarn! Haven't been feeling good because my thyroid levels are messed up again. The Doc gave me some different medicine to go along with what I already have. Hopefully this will get this balanced out where I can feel human again. Haven't felt like doing anything lately...not even knitting...which is a tragedy in itself! Tootles!

Friday, January 11, 2008

Goody, goody, gumdrops!

Be My Valentine Charlie Brown Sock Kit!
Beautiful White Oak Studio yarn in pink, red and brown. A handmade accessory pouch, heart stitch marker made by Sunne and yummy, yummy chocolates. The pattern is supposed to be a quick knit :) hmmmm, read it and had no clue how to even start. Checked Ravelry and found out its done in Magic Loop....well Dawn here's our first learning experience for the year! Watched a video on You Tube by Knitwitch and it looks pretty easy. Of course that's the one needle I didn't get for Christmas so had to order it from Knitpicks yesterday! I've already signed up for Woolgirls next sock kit...its It's the Easter Beagle, Charlie Brown. Burger King also has Snoopy toys out....guess what we had for dinner last night! So the doctor Snoopy and his xray lights up his heart! Aaahhhh!:) Didn't post this yesterday because I barely felt good enough to open the package. Tried to get into the doctor earlier but they have no sooner appts. than what I have. Cannot wait till next week...

Got this package in today. I ordered some patterns from Loopy Ewe (still not here yet) and ordered this yarn from Woolgirl for them. The bright one is called California Poppy (yes bought it because of the name) and the other is Smooshy (just had to try it)! Also got some of the Soak stuff and she also sent me trials of the other scents because I have never used them. She is the greatest...she is my local yarn shop (even though she's in Oregon and I'm in CA). I also got a little sheep stitch marker and she sent me a beautiful heart stitch marker too. Woolgirl is the greatest! Super fast shipping, super helpful through email...just love her!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Clogs & Purse

Yesterday had to go get my bloodwork done for my endocrinologist. Next went to Valencia for Jimmy's dentist appt....took two hours because the dentist was really busy...ugh...then we went to Red Robin for lunch....walked the mall...came back to town and went to our mall...picked up my meds at the pharmacy and home. Had a great time...we were both exhausted from walking two malls! But when I pulled up at the gate lookie what I namaste purse I ordered and my clear clogs came. Love the purse...its quite bigger than I thought but hey more room for knittin stuff and the kitchen sink :). Not sure about the clogs...they're really tight and with them being plastic they're not going to in love with the idea of them but...I've been so used to wearing crocs that I don't know if thats why they feel tight. I'll try them again around the house before I decide if I'm sending them back and get more crocs!:) Working on the heel of the Dawn socks...Very grandma wants me to teach her how to knit dishcloths! Told her we'd get together have tea in my new tea set and I'd show her how. So cool!

Monday, January 7, 2008

Dawn Socks!

Started another pair of toe ups and then I'm going to add a lace panel from the Lesley socks to the ankle part. Kind of doing my own thing with these, a little bit of this...a little bit of that. This beautiful yarn is from my TN buddy, Dawn. Hence the name Dawn Socks! These are being done on itty, bitty, teeny, weeny size 0 needles! Ouch!:) Just ordered the clear clogs...these will look so pretty in them!

Hubby found this Desert Kangaroo Rat while he was using the backhoe. He first put it in a bucket with towels because he said it looked cold...then he moved it off our property where there are lots of creosote bushes so he can be a happy rat. They live in holes under these bushes....they don't drink water....they eat for 4-5 years....not endangered here yet but in other places they are.

Friday, January 4, 2008

Charlie Brown Socks! Charlie Brown Christmas socks are officially finished! Love them! I really liked working with sport weight yarn. Think I like it better than fingering! Going to start another toe up next...will post when I get it going! Also I might go and order these clear clogs to show off my socks...???

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Woolgirl Contest!

Ooooooooh look at the pretty yarn I won from Woolgirls blog! Its Liisu Superwash Merino...its gorgeous! The color is Woolgirl too!:) I also received a beautiful stitch marker and a 20% off coupon! excited! Thanks Jen!

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year Blog Buddies! Did ya'll eat your black eyed peas and cornbread? Just got done....mmmm. I'm almost done with my other sock...getting worried I won't have enough yarn and will have to rip out number 1 so it will match. Whah! Busy playing Webkinz with Jimmy otherwise I'd probably have them done! Also have been tiling the pantry, coat closet, and utility closet...well hubby has I'll grout when he's done.:) Woolgirls sock club sign ups are now out too...and so is White Oak Studio...hmmmmm???