Saturday, September 29, 2007

Felted slippers!

I've been working on some felted slippers this week. CO 20 sts and knit for 12.5 in., thread through end loops to form toe and sew up heel and top of foot. Felted them 3 times yesterday and they only shrunk width wise and not in the length! I'm so frustrated and upset! That was 3 skeins of Cascade! They're sooooo narrow and lonnnnng! I'll have to tack them to a wall and use it as a flower vase! or a pencil holder... I'm now knitting a dishcloth that I know will turn out! Was going to do the whole before and after felt pictures but...ugh.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007


Whoohoo, oh yeah! I lost two pounds this week! I'm so excited. Guess this swimming thing is working out. Although I feel dead when I get done each day but hey...!!!! 39 more to go! Jimmy's private lesson coach sat me down last night and we watched a swimming video and she'd stop it and have me do the "correct" way to do strokes. Pretty awesome, especially since I haven't swam, swam since I was a little girl! We won't even go to how many years that actually is!:) Jimmy coaches me when I swim laps everyday and a young lady told him to be easy on me since I have an older body...ugh watch out youngin'! Jimmy cracked up and thought it was funny.

In the knitting arena...I'm knitting another dishcloth at the same time I'm knitting a throw at the same time I was trying a felted clog pattern that I started two years ago (put that back in the bag) and am knitting some felted slippers. The clog pattern I will probably need to rip out (since I don't know where I left off) plus the pattern is confusing...its a fibertrends. Have any of ya'll made them???

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Santa Fe Springs Swim Meet!

Jimmy did soooo awesome this weekend! All his hard work on land and water has really paid off! Plus some private lessons!:) He shaved off 16 seconds off his breast stroke, 16 seconds off his freestyle, 15 seconds off his backstroke, and made a good time on his butterfly! So proud of him! He even swam two relays but won't know how he placed until tomorrow when they post the results online!

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Now its raining!

Its been in the forecast for the past three days and now it finally rains in the middle of the night when I can't even see it! Plus we have a swim meet today in Santa Fe Springs! Oh what fun! Finished the Noro purse and will post pics later. Gotta get ready and find some umbrellas...I don't think we even have one! Its not like it rains here much! Tootles!

Friday, September 21, 2007

These are a few of my favorite things.....

My Favorites
I have been tagged to share some of my favs...
Sound - rain
Late Night Snack - scoop of chocolate mint ice cream
Smell - lavender
Color Combination - love them all, can't
Nut - cashews
Time of Year - Winter....although here in CA its not a real winter!:)
Books - I love to read....favorite would be Harry Potter and lately I'm hooked on the Janet Evanovich series.
Vegetable - corn
Male Actor - don't have a favorite...Johny Depp in Pirates...
Female Actress - Whoopie Goldberg
Movie - all the Harry Potters, 13 going on 30, Just Like Heaven
Flower - Sunflowers and roses
Vacation Spot - Cambria, CA
Favorite Area - near the ocean
Favorite fast food - Panda Express (orange chicken)
Pizza - pepperoni and pineapple
Subject in School - Science
TV Channel - DIY, Discovery, Disney
Radio Station - station
Holiday - Christmas
Perfume - Clinique Happy
Shoes - Crocs!
Candy - Lindor Milk Chocolate Truffles or Turtles
Hard Candy - Jolly Ranchers
City to Shop - Los Angeles
Beauty Products - Youngblood (mineral makeup) and Clinique
Items to Shop For -Yarn, needles, patterns, yarn, books!

I tag Darcy, Melissa, and Jo!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Its Raining....its pouring...

Nope no old men snoring!:) A ten year old though!:) We haven't had rain in over a year! Hopefully it'll rain good! Love this weather...perfect knitting weather...baking bread...candles lit all over. Nice thought huh but nope gotta do school!

I've been swimming every day now...I'm up to 40 minutes. I'm really enjoying this except when I suck the water up my nose! Nice sinus levage! A teenager on the swim team told me "You never need kleenex at the pool!" yew! I did find this really cool watch I want to order. It keeps track of your laps in the pool plus the times of them. After I get to six laps I lose track so this would be really awesome. They come in really cool colors but want to get one that my son can use too. Guess pink is out!:) Will probably get the black one but then I'm going to need black crocs! Good excuse for some new crocs huh?

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Found Yarn!

Went and swam laps for 40 minutes! My legs feel like jello!:) I then went to my lys and found the skein I needed to finish my purse! Went dripping wet to the store but got my Noro! Then last night I was too tired to knit! Went to bed by 8:20! Thanks Angela for the offer!

Monday, September 17, 2007

Noro Purse!

This is the Noro purse I'm working on, but guess what? I've run out of yarn! I'm hoping my new local yarn store will have a skein of it!:)

Saturday, September 15, 2007


Yesterday went grocery shopping...oh what fun. I then went and swam at the pool while Jimmy was having a private lesson. Oh my gosh, that pool is sooooooo much bigger when your in it! I thought I'd die!:) It feels like your not even moving and then you peek and you still have half the pool to go! But I did do ten laps which is a mile! Whoohoo! Here Jimmy does 16 laps just to warm up! Wouldn't think you'd sweat while swimming but you face was so red! Then I came home and did the treadmill for a mile and a half. I'm hurting today! I'm going to go swim again though today and want to start doing this regularly. Still working on the Noro purse. TTFN!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Doc Appt.!

I had a doctor appointment yesterday and everything went really well. My blood pressure is finally normal and my thyroid levels are where they are supposed to be! Its so good to finally being feeling like my old self. Now as long as I don't catch another sinus infection I can start getting some of my butt worked off! Past couple of days I've been walk/jogging for a mile and a half. Lets shed some poundage! Whoohoo! Will probably start swimming too next week.

Went to the new yarn store here yesterday. Very, very nice. Lots of yarns I love and the owners are extremely nice. Nope I didn't buy anything. I've got to use the stuff I've already bought before I buy least one or two projects done before I buy!:) The one owner has her service dog at the store and guess what it is?...........Yup you guessed it, its a chihuahua! I was going to put Fuji through the service dog training because she did so awesome in her other training but she's just not friendly with others....she doesn't want anyone near her mama! She's a mama's girl!

Oh and before you ask...the avatar is in Egyptian stuff because that's what we're studying in history! I have a really cool kit that has real papyrus paper, beads from a mummy, Egyptian games, and a whole hieroglyphic ink kit. Its so much fun and brings everything we've been reading to life. I also have a build your own mummy kit too but that's for next week! Want to take him to the Natural History museum to see the real stuff too.
Gotta go "Walk Like an Egyptian"!:) Ugh, now I'll be singing that song all day!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007


Started this on the drive to La Jolla
and finished it on the way home!
This is a Jimmy towel!:)
Tofutusie yarn, Noro yarn, Noro pattern book.
This is what I bought at the La Jolla yarn shop.
Finished this right before we left for La Jolla.
Its too pretty to use for a dishcloth!
It was extremely fun to make though!

Monday, September 10, 2007

La Jolla Rough Water Swim!

Beginning of the race...freezing water!

After 250yds. Running to the finish!

Receiving medal from the cheerleaders!

Pic with his awesome medal!

My awesome boy!

Sunday, September 9, 2007

La Jolla...Race Day!

Yesterday we drove to La Jolla...seemed to take forever but made it just in time for check in. You should have seen the lines! We did get Jimmy an awesome Tshirt that says the event stuff on it. Then we drove and drove and drove looking for a McDonalds...took us half an hour (probably more) but whoohooo we found one. Went back to La Jolla and found parking a couple miles away from the cove but guess we were walking to the cove guess what I found.......yup a yarn store....Knitting in La Jolla! Of course I told my hubby and son that I just wanted to look real quick :) that I wasn't going to buy anything and can you imagine I walked out with a bag of stuff!:) The owner was totally awesome and nice. Pics tomorrow when we get home. Can't wait to show you...made hubby sit and look at it all with me...he's such a sweetie. Then we get to the cove and saw a couple of our team members and they took Jimmy out swimming in the ocean and out to where he'll race so he could get used to it. So cool, he had a blast...I didn't think he'd ever come out of the water! He saw the California state fish...its a big orange fish...lots of grey with blue stripes fish...and others. One of the moms snorkeled out to the kids and took some pictures....I really hope she sends me some. He is very nervous about today but he'll do fine...he's been strategizing all week. There are thousands of people competing! I asked him what he's nervous about and he said the seaweed stuff and that there are so many people. After the beach we went to the hotel...looked at my yarn goodies again...then went out to dinner.....came back to hotel to shower and rest and of course look at my yarn goodies again!
He races at 9:25 so need to shower, get ready, go eat a good breakfast....find parking (hmmm maybe by the yarn store again :)) check Jimmy in...Jimmy race....back to hotel....Jimmy shower...back to beach for award ceremony...lunch........longggggg drive home! Have a great day!

Friday, September 7, 2007

Packing Day!

Today I've got to do laundry/ironing and pack for the weekend. Jimmy is doing the La Jolla Rough Water swim this weekend. We've got to leave really early to check in tomorrow for Sundays race. Its about 3-4 hours away. He's very nervous but will get to practice it tomorrow and just play at the beach too. Plus of course I've already found a yarn store we'll just have to visit while there!:) Hmmm, what do I just have to have???????

Yesterday was my mom and dad's 38th anniversary! Congratulations! It was also my white kitty's birthday...Happy 5th Birthday Trouble!

Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Princess Fuji Ann!

My Sweetie!
Look what mommy put on me!:)

Ignoring Mommy!
Will work for treats!


Gotta go to the dentist this morning to be fitted for a crown. Oh joy! Hope I like this guy!
Finished another angel towel...all three done! Have a great day!

Sunday, September 2, 2007


Had a great time with my family to celebrate my mom's, dad's and uncles birthdays. Lots of yummy food!
Finished another cupcake and another angel towel.
Also got an awesome e-postcard from my bud Jen!

Saturday, September 1, 2007


Finished the cupcake for my dad's birthday. Low in carbs, high in fiber!:) I'm making Jimmy one now...cute.

Feeling better too but the medicine is still very rough on the tummy. Not even going to the opening of the new yarn store today. Tootles!