Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Shimmy & Shawl...

Finished my Traveling Woman shawl for the Barknknit knit a long! I love making shawls...I think they're my favorite thing to knit. This one was especially nice with the cashmere in it, it's so cuddly, smooshy, and soft! It was done in Handmaiden Casbah on size 5 circ's! Already have another pattern I'm itching to cast on but need to make a skully baby hat first....or I might just cast on a little of the Multnomah shawl....

Had a blast at belly dancing again last night. Dr. Gemma of the Cogknitive podcast, Mindy, and Hannah showed up from our knitting group.....all the others chickened out or flaked on us!:) I bought this cool coin hip scarf (notice I'm not modeling it):)!!! It makes it so much fun to hear that jingle when you move, so now I jingle when I shimmy! Those of us who came last night are signing up for more lessons...I can't wait! I also can't wait to practice today just so I can wear that cool scarf and hear the coins jingle....the cats love it too!
Off to do school and make some soap boxes! Have a great day!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Family Game Night!!!

We planned all week to have a family game night on Sunday evening...
Ordered some pizza, wings and poppers and then enjoyed games of UNO!

Looking a little worried over his hand!

Hee hee you won't be smiling for long sonny! Mwah ha ha!!!
Had a fun time!

Tonight is my next belly dancing class, whoo hoo. Looking forward to it!!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

New Books!!!

Loves Me, Loves Me Knot by Heidi Betts - funny, contemporary romance with yarn talk included!!:)
Just Like Heaven by Barbara Bretton - love this author...romance.
Girls of Summer by Barbara Bretton - the bond of sisterhood and finding romance.
Unravelled by Robyn Harding - light fiction of friendship and self-discovery.
Stitches by Amy O'Brien - screenplay of life, love and knitting.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Summer Tea...

Went to knit night at Sagebrush Cafe last night with the knit group. There were so many of us last night it looked like a party out on their patio! I got to meet a couple of new people and hang out with all the rest. It's always a fun time. Its so much fun seeing what others are working on...Shannon a baby blanket; Hillary getting to know us all; Diane a bag in a gorgeous green color; Nathan, and Christine were working on socks; Mindy her sweater; Jaime just chatting; Libby I can't remember; Sarah stopped by to say "hi" and I was working on my Travelling shawl which I need to remember is not a good kip knit! Nathan was showing us his new sock yarn, Zauberball...they're round and beautiful and knit up into a fabulous self striping sock...awesome! This cafe has my very favorite tea....black ice tea with peach....mmmmm so good! Wish it wasn't so far from my house. Although I do have lots of errands to run today and just might have to go out of my way to run into their again!:) Have a great weekend!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Dogs on Thursdays...DOT!

Jimmy found this cool video editor and made this of Fuji!:)

Happy DOT!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Belly Dancing

Last night a bunch of us knitters went belly dancing at the Blue Scarab! It was so much fun...and so many laughs! Those who attended: Mindy (HeyMindy) she's been taking it for over a year and brought her daughter Hannah (0Shortie0); Sarah (Limejuicy); Loretta (Loretta1031); Shannon (Cattledoglvr); Dr. Gemma (GemmaDW) and moi! The hour flew by and I was so shocked that we were done for the night. We have another free lesson next Monday and then I think Gemma, Sarah and I are hooked. Gemma has done it before so she had a cute hip scarf bell thing which Sarah and I were envious of!:) We wanna dance with bells on too!:) I didn't think I'd ever get to sleep last night because I was so excited and wound up! Looking forward to next week....I wonder if more of the Fiber Collectives will join us?

Monday, September 21, 2009

Smore's Party Mmmmmix!

Just got done making this yummmmmmy Smore's party mix. My friend, Amanda posted this on Faceback the other day and I thought "oh that sounds good." Man am I glad that I doubled the recipe....it is sooooo good.
Quick and Easy too...
3 cups of Golden Grahams cereal
3 Tablespoons of butter
1.5 cup chocolate chips
1.5 cup mini marshmallows
In medium sauce pan, melt butter, blend in marshmallows stirring constantly to prevent scorching. Remove from heat and stir in chocolate chips until melted. Pour over cereal and toss until covered....taste...mmmmmmmm yummy!:) This makes three cups! Enjoy!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Ladybug Kit!

This months Woolgirl kit theme was Love Bugs....
It came with:
1 skein of Miss Babs Yummy fingering weight sock yarn in the Ladybug colorway. Also included was a black heel/toe skein so that you have the option of using it on your socks.
Fly Away Home sock pattern by Lisa Dykstra (http://ayenforyarn.blogspot.com). I love her patterns...my favorite sock pattern was from her called Reina, can't wait to cast on for these!
7" fibersphere...protects your fiber. A mini ladybug sphere to hold your stitch markers.
A ladybug stitch marker, ladybug pen which is also a tape measure, ladybug emery board, ladybug notepad and eraser, magnets, stickers and a ladybug tattoo! Very fun kit!
I'm not to in love with the fibersphere idea...nice idea to keep the yarn clean and undamaged but.....if my yarn is in a baggie it's easy to throw into my bag, whereas this thing is big and awkward. Another thing is I put my skeins into a cake so they won't roll around...this thing is going to roll around? Strange contraption but some might enjoy it. I'll try it and let you know. Jimmy thought it was a thing for a hamster and now that's all I keep thinking!:)

Friday, September 18, 2009

What a week....

Where have I been?
Last Saturday I broke out in a rash from head to toe from my blood pressure medication. I stopped taking it but was still miserable all weekend. Went to the doc on Monday and she have me a different medication plus allergy medications to get rid of the rash. Well I think these meds were designed to be taken by an elephant because it knocked me on my butt literally. I was so dizzy, light headed, breathing oddly kind of asthmatically...called the doc again and she said to stop them and that I'd see her the next day. The next day (Wed.) went and did a fasting blood work panel where the tech made my vein have a bubble so had to sit there for twenty minutes until it went down! Can I do anything simply? NO!!! So then I see the doctor again and she has given me a new drug to try....so far so good. Also found out that day that my mom has to have gall bladder surgery! Have also had problems with my cousins (vultures) about my Uncle's possessions. Gigi of the Knitmoregirl's podcast is in the hospital....My friend Rhoda's dad is in the hospital having gall bladder surgery....My MIL broke her foot...My hubby was home with a sinus migraine yesterday...Jimmy has been sick with a cold/cough. It's been one thing after another...hopefully next week will be better. Sorry I haven't been blogging will try to get back on the blog train again!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Dogs on Thursdays...DOT!

This is Chewybacca!.....nah, it's really Fuji!
Last month we bought Gypsy a big bone...well she didn't touch it so we cut it up in pieces...she still hasn't touched it. Well little miss here thinks she's a big dog and has preceded to take over Gypsy's bone. She knows what to do with a bone!:)

So funny watching her with this because it is soooo big she can barely carry it....she doesn't realize how little she is, she's one tough cookie!

The only thing bad about Fuji with a bone is she gets into her Queen of the house role and banishes all cats to the master bedroom (unless she decides to go in there with her bone). Then she gets in trouble and the bone is taken away until she can be good to her brother and sister felines!
Have a great DOT and check out all the other cute fur babies!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Jimmy's Mitts!

The Sand dollar roving above (brown/cream/blue) became...

this two ply yarn I spun up for....

Jimmy's fingerless mitts! This is the first time I've actually knit with the yarn I spun! It was so much fun! It was so funny how it ended up striping....don't really know how I managed that but it's cool! It's superwash too so I'll be able to wash them!:)

Hope everyone is having a safe, wonderful labor day weekend!

Today is also our kitty's birthday...Happy Birthday Trouble!

It's also my parent's 40th wedding anniversary...whoohooo, wow 40 years! Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad! Hope you have many more wonderful years together! Love you!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Happy DOT!

Fuji snuggling with mommy!
How does she look as a redhead?:)
Happy Dogs on Thursday!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The Boys are Back!!

Glad to have my guys back home!
They had a great time!
Hope Dad and Mom had a wonderful birthday weekend!

While the guys were a way...I plied the yarn for Jimmy's mitts! I've already cast on for them too! This will be my first time I've knit with my own handspun! Love the colors in this too!