Sunday, August 31, 2008

Happy Birthday Dad!

Happy Birthday Dad!
My aunt got him some boxers so he can look like the young teens!:)
Its also Jeanne's birthday...go to her blog and wish her a happy day!

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Frog Aquatics!

Made this hat for Jimmy because its the colors of his new swim team....Frog Aquatics! He is sooo excited over the and black! He's swam on this new team all week and toadally loves it! He got out of the pool after practice the first day and said "wow Mom, its so nice to be coached!" Both of the coaches are so nice and awesome instructors/coaches. Everything is organized, well run and not a bunch of drama! So nice to take him to swim without all the added garbage! I can see improvement in his swimming technique in just a week with them! The pool is beautiful and is in such a nice area. Everything about it is just pleased we tried it...we love it. The coach is also starting a Masters Swim Team on Tuesday and I signed up for it too...we'll both be Frogs!:) Hopefully I can start Tuesday but I'm having the second half of my root canal that day so don't know if I'll be feeling well enough...I'll keep my fingers crossed! Had a wonderful first week of school too!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Happy Birthday Mom!

Happy Birthday Mom!
So glad you liked your Forest Canopy Shawl!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Back to School!

First day back to school picture!.....6th grade!
Time goes by soooo fast!:(
Today I hurry off to school,
To work and learn and play.
I'm in a brand new grade this year.
What a happy day!

Finished these hats and booties this weekend!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Busy Day!

The day started out with James making me this wonderful breakfast...homemade french toast. It was soooo yummy...I think he's hired!:)
He then went to pick something up at Walmart and found me these adorable rocking chairs for my porch! I can sit, knit and rock with my buddies!:)
Then we went to Littlerock, CA to a store called Charlie Brown Farms. They have everything imaginable...knick knacks, collectibles, produce, dining, candy, name it they have it! Takes a long time to go through the whole place...its huge and so much to look at!

This is the outside of it with and awesome looking cool dude!
Oh No, Jimmy's being eaten by a dinosaur!:)

Of course we got some goodies...fresh honey, honey sticks, jalapeno jelly, watermelon licorice, gummy sharks and other gummy candy, Burts Bees lipgloss, wolf t-shirt for Jimmy and crystal growing thingy, and an alpaca statue! Fun, fun, fun! Off to McDonalds for lunch and then....

Then we went to a nursery and filled the back of the truck and trailer with bushes, plants, and trees! So dang hot and humid today too...117! Gonna go shower and get cleaned up! Had a wonderful time today but soooooooooo tired!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

New Books!

Yippee....I love new, love books!:)
Kiki's Hats by Warren Hanson - Kids book but loved the little old lady knitting on the front and its about how our gifts live on and on!:) - fiction
101 Designer One-Skein Wonders by Judith Durant - non fiction
Death by Cashmere by Sally Goldenbaum - fiction
A Dropped Stitch Christmas by Janet Tronstad - fiction
Knitting Heaven and Earth by Susan Gordon Lydon - inspirational non fiction
The Shack by William P. Young - fiction - Read a long book with my Loopy Ewe group! I think I'll need a box of tissue for this one!:)

Today I'm finishing up all my school planning and getting ready for back to school on Monday! Hopefully will get some knitting in today too and I need to catch up on Alana's podcasts!:) Hope ya'll have a great weekend!

Friday, August 22, 2008

Blanket Finished!

I've finally finished the crocheted baby turned out sooo pretty! As you can tell from the tiny pink bows...its for a girl!:) Now I need to do a couple hats and booties!
Swimming is going it sooo much! Although some days it feels like we live there...I go in the afternoon and Jimmy goes in the evening. Guess we're a bunch of fishies! Going to check out a new swim team on Monday...our current teams coach left for Mongolia and the assistant coach is either 20-45 minutes late or if she's there she's on her cell phone...needless to say he's just doing laps and not getting coached. This isn't nothing new either about him not getting coached...had to pay for a private coach last year so am hoping this new team will have what we need. Can you tell I've been stressing over this? I just need to focus on whats best for Jimmy.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Patrick the Bearded Dragon!

Happy Birthday Patrick!
Our bearded dragon is four years old today!
He's named after Patrick, Spongebobs sidekick! Acts just like him...can just here him saying "Duh!" He wasn't in the mood to be photographed either...puffed up and got disgruntled when the flash went off!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Dog Days of Summer!

Dog Days of Summer - Woolgirl Sock Club Kit!
2 sock patterns designed by Kristi Schueler,
A big beach tote, water bottle, tape measure, mini beach ball, flip flop erasers,
Cocoa butter lip balm from Naiad Soap Arts,
Stitch marker from Spindle Cat Studio, and.....
Madelinetosh skein in the Beach Ball colorway!
Very, very soft!
Perfect for beach knitting!:)
Off to get ready for a root canal or two! Fun, fun!

Monday, August 18, 2008


Celebrated the August birthdays in my family yesterday.
My Dad (Aug. 31), My Mom (Aug. 28), and my Uncle Bill (Aug. 4)!
My Dads twin is away on a trip so not pictured.

After the party my hubby found this at Home Depot as he was browsing around! Just noticed I cut off the one side of it but liked this pic because of hubby's happy smile! Put it together and grilled some yummy chicken on it! We've needed a new one for over fourteen years...we've been using one we bought at a garage sale for $5 and looks like its on its last leg!:)
Get to go to the dentist today...yipee! Hopefully I get done in time to go swimming. Jimmy is still in a lot of pain/tired/worn out from the swim meet and is looking forward to practice tonight to stretch and workout his sore muscles. Tootleloo!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Swim Meet & Banquet!

Jimmy giving Fuji a hug before the meet! Got third place in breast stroke after only two weeks back after a six month break! So awesome!

Jimmy with his ribbons and trophy! Very tired boy today!:)

Had a blast at the Oasis Banquet. It was a potluck so all the families brought yummy things. Kids were able to play and swim. After the trophy ceremony they had karaoke and marshmallow roast! The trophy ceremony was very emotional because the head coach is having to go to Mongolia for 4-10 months...very sad for all the kids. When he passes out the trophies he always says something about the child he's giving it they've improved through the year etc... Fun time! Very tired and exhausted from such a long day/night!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Froggin' Socks!

While waiting for James' appointment with the ophthalmologist I crocheted a baby hat. This evening I cast on my Froggin' socks. Haven't done a pair of socks in awhile so thought I'd start some. Its nice working with these bright colors since I'm crocheting with white for the baby blanket! I was a good girl and went swimming again today....just love it. Did hurt my shoulder muscle doing the butterfly so steered clear of that stroke today.:) One of my lifeguard buddies swims on Thursdays and Fridays and he's going to give me some sets to do....uh oh don't know if I'm ready for that yet!:) Tootles for now!:)

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Retro Redux Shrug!

My Retro Redux Shrug is done and it is so soft and cuddly! This was a KAL with my favorite yarn store in Atascadero, the Scarlet Skein. Such a fun, easy pattern...already thinking of doing another!:) I did this one with Cascade Cloud 9 about 2.5 skeins, size 8, 9, 10, and 10.5 straight needles and size 8 circular needle. The yarn has some angora in it so every now and then some would fly off and tickle my nose!:) Still trying to decide what to cast on next...haven't done socks in awhile and need to get caught up on my sock kits! Still crocheting on the baby blanket and need to get that done because I need to do three more! Plus the hats and booties to match!
Dang I look plumpy in these pictures! Maybe I need to put Jimmy on a chair when he takes them so he doesn't capture all my chins!:) Plus the dress isn't that flattering now that I see it in a picture...but in a 103 degree weather its nice and cool! Having to fast today for an ultrasound. I'm sooooooooooooo thirsty! It isn't until 1:00 p.m. either! I'll have to miss my swim time cuz I can't workout that hard and not drink...wah! And yes I'd love some cheese with that whine!:) Just a little crumb!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Day 2...swimming....

Whew, what a workout! Half an hour straight today!:) 8 laps of freestyle, 6 laps of breast stroke, 4 laps of backstroke, and 1 lap of some kickboard drills. I've sooo missed this, its so much fun!

Fuji gets so sad when Mama leaves!
Gotta go work on my lesson plans!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Making a splash...

Started back to swimming today...haven't swam since November! Whew, I can barely type this out....way tired!:) I was quite excited to make it across the 25yd pool! Did about 10 laps and then 2 cool down laps. Want to gradually work back up to an hour swim...didn't want to push it like I usually do and get sick again! It felt soooo good though I didn't want to get out. Jimmy's such a great coach and would correct my hands etc. to make sure I'm doing it right!:)

On the knitting front I'm almost finished with the Retro Redux Shrug and slowly crocheting on the baby blanket. My hands just can't tolerate too much crocheting. Was thinking on casting on for the Haruha scarf that Dawn is doing, its sooo pretty. Gotta go lay down before I fall down!:)

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Kicking Back...

Cool Cosmo kicking back watching the Olympics!
Go Team USA!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Chinese Valentine Day!

Today is Chinese Valentine Day. It is also known as the Daughter's Festival and several other names. It is celebrated on the seventh day of the seventh month of the lunar calendar.
This holiday is one of love. Its romantic (and lovely) that this holiday evolved from an ancient love story from Chinese folklore. There are several versions of the story.

Here is one of the the most popular versions of the story:
The Goddess of Heaven (also known as the Queen of Heaven) had seven beautiful, young daughters. The seven daughters came down to earth. They decided to bathe in a pristine river, leaving their clothes on the shore. Along came a cow herder (the herd were actually ox) named "Niu Lang". He took their clothes to see what they would do. The daughters decided that the youngest, and most beautiful, named Zhi Nü should go out of the water and recover their clothes. Because Niu Lang saw her naked, they had to get married. They fell madly in love, and shared several years of marital bliss.
Finally, her mother became irritated by her absence from Heaven, and ordered her to return. Seeing how much Zhi Nü missed her husband, the Jade Emperor of Heaven brought the couple back together. Ultimately, Zhi Nü was allowed to visit her husband, Niu Lang just once a year. The annual reunion occurs on the 7th day of the 7th month of the Lunar Calendar. Taken from Holiday Insights.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008


Yeah, my Mary Jane Crocs came in the mail today! These are my favorite shoes ever! They are soooo comfy and easy to clean too! Plus I got free shipping from Surf and Dirt! I wish I could get them in every color. Its soooo hard to decide which ones to get. I had brown, light blue and black already but I'd love green, yellow, red, light pink, gold.....see its hard to decide on a color!:)

Jimmy's ortho appt. went well yesterday. Very relieved he doesn't have to have four permanent teeth pulled like his dentist thought, whew. Such a relief! He also started back on the swim team last night. Hasn't swam in quite awhile so was a very tired boy last night! He has a meet coming up on the 16th so has to get in shape for that. Then that evening the team is having their yearly banquet where the kids receive a trophy, get to play and have a yummy potluck all together. Its always great fun for the parents and kids!

Today is our dog, Gypsy's birthday, she's turning 9!:) She got a yummy bone, a stuffed slice of pizza with a stuffed Parmesan bottle! Gotta go work on getting the school year planned out!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

What Birth Date Means?

Your Birthdate: July 8

Watch out Donald Trump! You've got a head for business and money.

You'll make it rich some day, even if you haven't figured out how yet.

A supreme individualist, you shouldn't get stuck in a corporate job.

Instead, make your own way - so that you can be the boss.

Your strength: Your undying determination

Your weakness: You require an opulent lifestyle

Your power color: Plum

Your power symbol: Dollar sign

Your power month: August

July 8 - Maybe I really wasn't born on this day!:) I don't care for the color plum and don't consider the dollar sign a power symbol (Dawn at least got a butterfly)! The only thing that sounds like me is the determination...thought that was because I'm a stubborn redhead!:) See how you check out! Click the link above!
The past two days hubby and I have been painting primer on our front porch hands are so tired they're cramping! Its looking really nice though... break times over gotta go do some more!

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Happy Birthday Dawn!

Dream in Color Smooshy - Cool Fire - Forest Canopy Shawl.
Today is my TN buddies birthday...go wish Dawn a Happy Birthday! Make A Wish
I'm praying she opens her present before she reads my blog today! She's had it for a couple of days now but her hubby bet her she couldn't wait till her birthday to open it! I so wish I could see her face when she opens it! She has way more patience than me!
Started my Retro Redux Shrug yesterday! It's a KAL (knit a long) with my buddies in Atascadero! The yarn is Cloud 9 and its soooooooooo soft. It does have some angora in it which I notice is tickling my nose some. I've been doing so many chemo hats out of cotton that this yarn is just dreamy soft! I ordered some Crocs the other day that I hope will match with this and a sweater I want to do. I'm also crocheting on that baby blanket for the lady at my hubbies work still, haven't worked that much on it and thought I'd better get to it. I have three more to do after that one! One for a friend at the candle shop and the other two for a guy who works with my hubby who's expecting twins! Its there first baby and they get two for the price of one!:)

Friday, August 1, 2008

Happy August 1st!

Forest Canopy Shawl completed using Dream in Color Smooshy in Dusky Aurora. Couldn't get the pretty purple and teal to show up in any pic. Turned out soooo pretty! Shhh its for my Mom's birthday on the 28th of this month!:)

Couple more crocheted chemo hats completed! Need to mail these off soon!

August is:

Admit You're Happy Month - If your happy and you know it clap your hands...:)
Family Fun Month - Family time is always fun!
National Catfish Month - here fishy, fishy
National Eye Exam Month - get your peepers checked out!
National Golf Month - boring!
Peach Month - yummy
Romance Awareness Month - Whoohoo...candlelight, champagne and your sweetie!
Water Quality Month - ?
National Picnic Month - go to the park with someone and have a picnic!:) Stop and smell the flowers and enjoy a day of nature!:)