Monday, March 30, 2009

Spin Day!

Yesterday, Ann (Stashymama) above hosted a spin day at her house. The above picture shows her demonstrating how to make a rolag out of dyed cotton...then how to use it on a drop spindle and a spinning wheel. It was so much fun playing with all her toys. She had 2 wheels, drumcarder, a couple-3 sets of handcarders (1 wool and 2 cotton), spindles, wool paddle combs, flax hackle and washed the final quarter of Chiquita so we could see the scouring process. There was way more than this too....brain overload!
This was the agenda:
Scouring Fleece (demo) Combing Fiber (Demo/play - into “Top” for Worsted spinning) Handcarding non-cotton fibers (Demo/play into “Rolags” for Woolen spinning) Handcarding cotton (Demo/play into “Punis” for supported spinning) Drumcarding batts (I have lots of colorful play fiber for you) Drop spinning Supported spinning - be ready to sit on the floor =D Setting twist (for both protein and cellulose fibers) 2 wheels for your use Fibers available: mohair, llama, cotton, wool, flax, camel, chiengora (dog), etc) Maybe dying (demo) time permitting

Loretta and Nathan taking a break from knitting/crocheting.
Had lots of yummy food too...don't' food and knitting go together?

Above pic as Juanita, Kim, Carol and Gemma preparing the grub!
Had such a huge turnout....Ann (Stashymama), me (knittinwolf), Nicole(FreckleFaceFibers), Juanita (jdheyerman), Kim (Ravensnest), Loretta (Loretta1031), Nathan (straphanging), Tally (rksmom), Carol (Needles), Robin (nd2knitredhead), Gemma (GemmaDW), Jaimie, Mindy (HeyMindy), Brian (Bobokickass), Melissa (Pudmuddles) , Jo (Bellatrix), Amanda (SugaryDynamite), Wendy (Filmstrlet), and Stacy (Jedimom). So funny how we call each other our Ravelry names! Nicole brought two wheel, I brought mine, Robin brought hers...then all our knitting bags..the place was a packed house! Nicole (freckleFaceFibers) brought me a lot of roving too which was soooo awesome. Can't wait to have another meeting...this is such an awesome group!

I learned to two-ply today! I have about two hundred yards! So cool...this spinning is so much fun! Gonna go play with some of the cool stuff Nicole brought me!

Sunday, March 29, 2009


Got some awesome packages in the mail yesterday!
The first one is from Holly. She had this wonderful contest on her blog...I entered a few times and I won. It's a beautiful, weighted spindle; an awesome book I can't wait to read, and a bunch of roving...beautiful rovings to work with. Yes, I've already started spinning with it and it works fabulous. After I finish this post gonna go spin some more!:)
Charity Knitting Contest/Project: AKA "Operation Chemocap", objective to knit/crochet hats for patients at the MD Anderson Cancer Center. Yarn: anything machine washable Sizes: from Child to adult Contest: knit one hat (no infant, just child and/or adult) and submit by March 12, 2009 There will be 4 winners (maybe more if I get some yarn donated). What's up for grabs: 1 skein malabrigo lace, 1 ball Treking XXL, 2 balls Rowan Kidsilk haze, and deluxe set of stitch markers from The Velvet Hippo

I sent her twelve hats and was one of the four winners...I received this yummy, lace weight malabrigo in forest green. Love this yarn and it works up wonderfully. Have to find a real pretty scarf to make with it. Awesome color too!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Dogs on Thursdays...DOT!

"I'm helping Mom, I'm really helping!"

Think she's going to take up knitting? Maybe she wants a pair of socks too!

Happy Dogs on Thursday! Check out the other cute canines today on the DOT blog!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Off to the vet...

Off to the vet to take Trouble in to be checked. He's been having some very, very, bad breath lately and wanted to make sure nothing was wrong. I should of taken a baggie with me to save all the hair he shed all over so I could spin it. The vet says they lose a lot of hair when they get nervous. Obviously since I came out of there looking like a snowman! He said everything was fine with him but had quite a bit of tartar on his teeth and so left him to have his teeth cleaned and his shots. He weighed 16 lbs., I was thinking more like 20, especially caring him in that carrier! I pick him up later tonight. Boy was that a long drive to the vet though...he's my talker cat anyways and I swear his volume was sky high all the way there. As soon as we walked into the building though he was stone quiet! Can't wait to get him back's so quiet here! He's my kitty that can say "mama." I need to record this sometime!
Update on the needles/hook: monkey socks, brioche scarf...mystery crochet shawl along. Lots on the bobbins too. I have two completely filled and another on its way. Hope to get them plyed before this weekend.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Sunflower Bag!

Finished my Sunflower bag by She-Knits. This is my first intarsia and it was quite easy! I'm so glad I taught myself the continental way of knitting because this really helped when I was stranding yarns. If you're going to try intarsia I'd recommend doing something like this that felts because if you happen to make mistakes it won't show! I did rip out a couple of times because I'd forgotten to change the different color correctly, which in turn leaves a big hole so you know you did something wrong. This was a fun, quick knit! Can't wait for it to dry so I can use it. It's perfect to throw your wallet/phone/zune/keys etc. in...turned out a lot more roomier than what I had pictured it to. Fun, fun, fun!

Saturday, March 21, 2009


Whoohoo a FO! Finished my Alpaca Cloud Wrap, modeled by the lovely Fuji Ann!
This was an awesome pattern and the Berroco Ultra Alpaca yarn was divine!
Gotta love some new books. What a great beginner spinning book too! I've been wanting the Answer books to have in my bag and since I had some amazon points, whalla they jumped into my cart!

Jimmy's doing a great job with the drop spindle...even mentioned he might have to knit something out of it!:) He sits with me while I spin and he drop spindles...lots of fun!

Off to Target to get the 3-disc DVD of Twilight! So excited!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Happy Spring!

Happy 1st Day of Spring!
This is also my first tulip! So cool because it's the first time I've ever planted bulbs. You plant them in September and you get this beautiful surprise in the spring! All our trees are budding and flowering too...might even get some fruit this year on some of them!

My prize package from Woolgirl arrived! I won this contest in January about pine cones! It came with a cute project bag that's like a backpack, some cute sheep note cards, a weekly magnetic planner, and two skeins of yarn...Madelintosh and Stitch Jones (which I've never even heard of!) Very cool! I'd forgotten about this so was very surprised when there was a package out by my fence! Had to think...what did I order now?:)

Took Fuji to the vet yesterday too...updated her shots and had them check a lump on her arm. The vet said it wasn't a malignant tumor but either a fibrous tumor or a birth defect. Just so glad it wasn't the "C" word! The location of it though the doctor wants to just leave it alone unless it gets bigger of bothers her. I think I was shaking about as bad as she was! She slept the whole ride home, totally exhausted from the trip. He examined her so thoroughly for about 20-30 minutes...very pleased with him. Glad she's her sooooo much!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Rockin' DOT!

Rockin' in the sun with Fuji!

Fuji and I decided to enjoy the nice, in the 80's, sunshiny day. Notice the knitting in the other chair....someone likes their Mama to hold them though!:)

When Daddy got home, he changed, and joined us on the rockers. Fuji thought it was time to give him some goooooood kisses....she's really trying.....

...and she succeeds! Loves to give her Daddy kisses!
Great post on the DOT site about First Aid for your pets...something everyone needs to be aware of....check it out!:) Also stop by and see all the other DOT member pages!
Have a great day!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Last of the trip pics....

Picked up this cute pin to go on the wrap I'm making in Cambria at the Ball and Skein yarn shop. Was nice visiting with Mary there too.
I got meet with Alana at an awesome cafe where she bought me a delicious lunch. Was so nice to catch up on things with her and just visit. So much easier to talk in person than online! I missed seeing her on my last visit so it was just wonderful to spend some time with her. I completely forgot to get our picture together until we were driving time! While I was doing lunch, Jimmy and James went to the zoo in Atascadero, CA. and out to lunch together. Jimmy even brought me a flamingo feather to go with my flamingo collection! Such a thoughtful boy!

Seals on the beach...what sweet faces! Resting in the sun!

Stopped at Morro Bay Fleece Works to say "hi" to Sherri and picked up some awesome roving!

Jimmy holding up the windmill in Solvang!:)

Me and my hubby!

Goodies I picked up at Village Spinning and Weaving in Solvang. Some practice roving, some magazines to study/read, and John the owner gave me a t-shirt Stephanie Pearl-McPhee gave to him. So cool. He goes to all these shows and was telling me about all the designers and authors he's met and had dinner with!

Heading home from our wonderful trip....but had to make one more stop in Solvang for.......

you guessed it....a wheel! It's a Louet Julia (which I call Julia Gulia from the Wedding Singer), it came with a lazy kate, four spools, and practice roving. John and Marsha at Village Spinning and Weaving spent so much time with me on Thursday and Sunday and were so helpful and patient. I love it! Think James and Jimmy even like it a bit too! I have so many wonderful friends who've offered to help me too, which I'm really grateful for and will definitely take up their offers! So Julie you were right! James got a spinning wheel for his birthday!:) Fuji thinks she needs to sit on my lap while I spin and the cats just sit around it and stare at the wheel go round and round! Jimmy thought it'd be fun to shoot his nerf bullets through the spokes...enjoyment for the whole family!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

James on his birthday (3-12) wearing his "40" hat!
Told the waiter to surprise him with the singing pie thing....we waited and waited, Jimmy and I delayed...waiter brought dorky people forgot! Oh well at least we got this cute pic. No he wouldn't wear it all day either...he also had a flashing button that said I'm 40 but didn't wear that one either! Guess I don't blame him!:)

Got these yummy goodies in Santa Barbara, CA., at the Loop and Leaf. The green is made out of stainless steel! How cool is that! Then of course I'd never seen Koigu in person so had to get some of that!

This was also on 3-12-09...testing out 8-9 wheels at least at the store in Solvang, CA. Its funny cuz I hated that wheel they got a picture of me with!:) That day I didn't even see the yarn around me or that they had tons of roving in everything you could think of! Can you imagine I had Quiviet right behind me! After a couple of hours I narrowed the wheels I liked down to a Louet and an Ashford Kiwi.....this will be continued when we went back on our way home on you think you guessed right Julie?:)

This is my all time favorite lotion that I can only find at the Apple Farm in San Luis Obispo...I love this English Lavender!

The things I teach our son...he's also wearing his new, cool, shark tooth necklace he got!

An FO from the trip...this was done using the continental method of knitting and the Norwegian purl which you can learn from the link in my sidebar. What a great way to knit!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Get your green on!:)

Monday, March 16, 2009

Silver Sun Alpaca Ranch!

Me and Jimmy in the pen with all the alpacas!
Ricky answered soooooo many of our questions and we had a blast at her wonderful ranch. If you are ever in Santa Ynez, should stop by and visit her alpaca ranch...awesome!

This is a three week old baby that almost came up to Jimmy. Ricky's dog, Buddy, was right at his side! I think this was the fattest lab I've ever seen but such a sweetie! Of course it made me miss my Fuji even more!

Three week old laying down and the week old one standing behind by the white alpaca.

Your monitors are not wrong, this is a blue eyed alpaca. She's not deaf nor blind either!

One of the males in a separate pen...reared up to show off for Jimmy to take his picture!

And of course I had to get some roving from Silver Sun Alpaca's...its called Under the Sea! How cool is that since we were staying on the beach...its also been my ring tone for like forever!

More from our trip tomorrow.....

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Happy 40th Honey!

Decked out for Daddy's Birthday!

Hope you have a doggone great birthday James!
Off to Cambria....:)
Don't forget to visit all the other DOT members and check out the great post by Nichole on the DOT site!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Peppermint Patty Socks Finished!

Yeah, I'm finally finished with the Peppermint Patty socks!
Every four stitches was a cable, which made it take longer...especially with this horribly, splitty, tangly yarn. This is the yarn that hubby had to help me for thirty minutes to untangle and re-ball and make me a mini swift to hold it, just so I could knit them! I will never do this pattern again, nor use this yarn.
Today we're doing school...laundry, changing beds and packing for our trip to Cambria. So excited because we're going to an alpaca farm...I get to go to a new yarn store I haven't been to...get to try some wheels at another store...get to knit/lunch with Alana....lots of fun stuff. I'll try to update the blog if I can pry the laptop from hubby and son!:)

Monday, March 9, 2009

Clue 2, Whoohoo!

Clue 2 of the Mystery Crochet Shawl Along came out yesterday. It only had three rows added. Wish it'd had more because this is really fun so far!:) I love, love, love this yarn too. The anticipation for Clue 3 is looming ahead!:)
My goal this year is to try a bunch of new things.
1. Crochet lace...which I'm doing above with the CAL.
2. Learn to spin...I've spun some wool and alpaca.
3. Continental knitting and Norwegian purling....worked on this during the weekend. At first I was so fumbly like a new knitter but after five rows I think I've got the hang of it and my tension is even. What's funny is I hold my yarn continental style when I crochet! They noticed this at my group and couldn't believe I crocheted before I knit!:) These techniques will lead me into...
4. Colorwork/fair isle. I want my Continental a little more automatic before I delve into this one.
5. Also might try designing a bit. I'm wanting to design a special crocheted item for my grandma's birthday in July...she'll be 90 and she's the one who taught me to crochet. I have some ideas but haven't tried them yet. They're sketched in my mind!:) After I finish the wrap I'm working on I'm going to start on this.
So it's only March and I'm off to a good start on my "new things."

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Spinning and Roving!

Spun this alpaca/wool from Silversunalpaca's. I did it in a worsted weight consistency. From 20z. of roving I got @42 yards! I have no idea what to make from it. With so few yards I'm guessing a headband or maybe some small mitts? Any suggestions?
Thursday I get to visit Ricky at the Silver Sun Alpaca Ranch! So excited! Hmm, how many alpaca's can I fit in my car? or at least more roving!:)

Yesterday in the mail I received some awesome roving from Julie at Flawful Fiber. I ordered the one on the right which is called Butterflies in the Fields. She was a little late in shipping it so sent the other braid of roving along with my order. It's really pretty too and called Fresh Escape. I was soooo shocked she did this. I hadn't even noticed she was a little late! I pm'd her on Ravelry and told her how awesome she is! I just love the greens in them!:)

Friday, March 6, 2009

Queen of Knitting!

I received the first Woolgirl Sock Club kit of 2009!
This kit is entitled "Be the Queen of your Knitting!" This kit focuses on one of the most famous Queens in history, Cleopatra.
Included in the kit:
1 skein of Serenity merino/cashmere sock yarn from Zen Yarn Garden in the colorway Gold Dynasty. So, so soft and squishy!
Majestic sock pattern designed by Elizabeth Warner and Alexandria a scarf pattern designed by Lisa Dykrsta. I'll probably do the scarf because I can't imagine putting this yarn on my feet, want to really enjoy it.
A Cleopatra themed stitch marker in pretty bag my Mama Llama.
A silk sock sack from Lantern Moon.
A Queen of Knitting Sock Club pen.
Hand Lotion made by Christine from Rachel Rene.
A pyramid gift box filled with gold and silver luster dusted Cleopatra chocolates from Gayle's Chocolates.
A calendar magnet with all the Woolgirl Sock Club shipping dates listed on it.
A hand-made Cleopatra sheep card from artist Willa Landino.
Individual sized sample of SOAK in the Celebration scent.
Great's so fun to open these bi-monthly kits.
Have a great Friday!:)

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Happy DOT!

Another not so happy Fuji pic!
My girl really likes to be naked and not dressed up!
This is the hat I test crocheted for Alisha. She's in the process of making it in different sizes too. You can click on her link to get to her website to see when she'll be having it for sale. I've made five of these already trying to make an itty bitty size for one of Fuji's new friends. It's a great, fast, easy, well written pattern.

The pattern works well for cats too, as Jimmy displays in these photos!:) They were easier to photograph with the hats on than Fuji was, they just sat there!:) Jimmy has also found that these hats are great for all his Webkinz stuff toys and has requested some different colored ones!

I know this is supposed to be just a dog post but these cats don't know they aren't dogs! They follow you around like they are dogs, they try to eat the dogs food, they drink out of the dogs water...they even beg for cheese when Fuji is! Now if they bark we have a problem folks!:)

Have a Happy Dogs on Thursday and visit the fur babies posts!