Sunday, December 30, 2007

Hubby at Play!

Doing a Mythbuster experiment with diet coke and mentos. You drop mentos into a diet coke bottle and it shoots up like a rocket! This to be done outdoors only!:) Yes, we're easily entertained! So much fun!
This is the surprise I did for my sweetie! Very heavy!:)
Haven't done much knitting...been playing Webkinz with addicting and so much fun! I won a contest on Woolgirl! Yeah, will post when I receive it. Love her site! Still debating on ordering the Haiku bag? Wish I could see these things in person...

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Charlie Brown Christmas Toe Ups!

This is the Southwestern pattern by Wendyknits.

Sock #1 of my second attempt at toe ups! Love this yarn....White Oak Studio Charlie Brown Christmas. The colors are so much brighter in person. This pattern is really fun too! Binded off with size 6's and had to rip it out and bind off with 8's. Then they fit perfect! Got to use my sock blocker for the picture excited to use it. Need to get some of that Soak stuff...whats your opinion of it and favorite scent? Have a great day...gotta start sock #2!

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas!

My boys spoil me!
What great guys...shopped etsy, Loopy Ewe, Woolgirl, Bella Donna Tea Shop... love them so much...more than all the stars in the sky!

Surprising hubby at 4am with a 20 drawer tool box!
Had to go out in the 23 degree weather to the pump house where I'd hidden it!
Totally surprised and excited...can't wait for the sun to come up so he can see it good!:)

Hope everyone is having a very Merry all the hustle and bustle I pray we all take time to remember the true reason of Christmas...Jesus is the reason of the season!

Monday, December 24, 2007

Christmas Eve!

Eating goodies! My Dad, Auntie, Me and Granny!

Mommy & Jimmy watching Santa Tracker on google earth!

Jimmy, Mommy and Miss Fuji! I have the antlers Dawn!:)

My family opening presents! Mom, Grandma, Uncle, Aunt, Dad, Jimmy and Me! I was opening the Harmony sock needles, Harmony interchangeable set, gloss yarn, and felici yarn! Whoohoo!

Talking to my TN buddy! Love ya Dawn!

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Special TN package!

Wow wee! Look at what came in the mail today...yup I did the squeal dance!:) My TN knitting buddy sent me this huge package! Look at the beautiful sock yarn...its so soft, cuddly, and totally awesome colors! I've never used this yarn or even seen this excited! I'll have to use the Best Friend pattern with this yarn...hint, hint Dawn!:) We've become really great friends in such a short feels like I've known her forever! Your friendship is the greatest gift of all...yup I'm going to get mushy and cry and not be able to see the computer screen. Yummy chocolate kisses, hot cocoa (which I've been drinking a lot of), Candy Cane tea (can't wait to try)(good for my sore throat), yummy berry lip gloss that I instantly put on as I'm snuggling my yarn, lotion for my dry (desert) hands :), modeling clay, adorable notepads (make all my scratches on from knitting) and look at the cute pen to do so with, and an awesome snowglobe that has two snowwomen :) in it (Dawn & Dawn). Whats funny is when I opened the snowglobe I was watching The Snowglobe movie on tv! Thanks a bunch, love everything! Can't express how much it means to me!
Oh, and guess what....started another pair of toe ups! Using the pattern on Wendyknits called Southwestern! Knitty has the figure 8 cast on gotta try it...go click on it!:) You can do it! Come on, come on...ready, set, go! Cast on, we'll do it together...we can complain about the things as we go!

Friday, December 21, 2007

Toe Ups Finished!

Finally Done, Finally Done! Whoohoo!

I Won Something...a sweet gift!

I was one of the 1000th comment on Marisol's blog. So excited...I never win things! She sent this adorable shirt and yummy cookies...although I ate some of the cookies before I took the picture!
The lady who sent me the Chinese figurines sent home the art calendar for me and then another lady that works with my hubby sent the beautiful jewelry case "because your wife is so nice." The case is gorgeous and perfect for dpn's and notions! That was so sweet of them...
Off to work on the toe up socks a bit...hopefully a pic later (nope I didn't finish them last night TN :) !) I've got to get these done because I'm tired of looking at them! Hubby is now home for seventeen days...whoohoo....honey do's here we come!

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Toe Ups...ugh! Whine post!

Ok, I've finished one of the toe ups twice now! I first binded off with the size 1's I was using..too tight on the calf...unbinded it and back knitted and used a size 2....too dang tight again but better. Went to bed and this morning unbinded them AGAIN and going to do a size 3...if this doesn't work ya'll are going to hear a loud scream! If it does work I'll have to remember what I poor notepad looks like a math problem! I'm never going to finish these socks! I haven't even gotten my candy cane socks done and its almost Christmas...guess there's always next year...but I really wanted them done for this year. Whah! Need to wrap gifts, finish making cookies, finish shopping (poor mom still has nothing)...

Thanks to all my very special blog friends for all your condolences. Can't express how much they mean to me and felt every one of your hugs. I'm blessed to have ya'll in my life!:)

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Goodbye Sweet Boy...

We had to have our beautiful, brown lab put down today. He had a wonderful fifteen years with us and will be deeply missed. We love you Stimpy! November 1992-December 2007.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Ho Ho Ho!

Past couple of days been doing a lot of Christmas shopping...whew its so tiring! Jimmy's retainer broke so had to get another one molded the other day....My thyroid is worse so having to up the dosage on the medicine...I'm back to knitting my toe up socks ( TN Dawn will be proud!)...Thought I was about done with shopping and realized I haven't even gotten my mom anything! Shame, shame, shame on me! My grandma sent us some yummy meat the other day from Omaha came in a huge igloo..Jimmy went out and got it (150ft. from the house)...he looked like a little penguin waddling with it...I didn't know what it was and he didn't complain it was heavy...mean mommy I know! I teased my g'ma that the dog brought it to the house...she didn't find that very funny!:) Gotta get busy...tootles!

Monday, December 10, 2007

Charlie Brown!

Whoohooo! Got my Woolgirl Charlie Brown Christmas sock kit in. Soooo awesome...I got it Saturday but didn't open it until this morning because I was going to have James wrap it but....I just couldn't wait to take a peek!:) The yarn is White Oak tvyarn....her yarns are so, love, love them! Isn't the sock bag just adorable...zigzagstitches on etsy makes them...gotta check out other fabrics she's made them cute. Jen at Woolgirl added the Charlie Brown cocoa too and Christmas card which is just totally cool!

Saturday, December 8, 2007

The Golden Compass!

Went to see The Golden Compass was sooooo good! Hope they make more of the movies! Have no idea what all the hoopla is about...they did this with Harry Potter too...don't people/critics understand what the work FICTION means! Oh well, everyone is welcomed to their own opinion.

Knitting some gifts so can't post or mention what they are....nope, haven't worked on the toe ups either...they're sitting their staring at me though saying finish me, finish me!

Friday, December 7, 2007

Christmas Tea!

Last night I went to our church's Christmas Tea. My mom, grandma and aunt went with me and we had such a great time! The had a huge grandma won a family fun gift basket that had a fleece throw, Nativity book, Max Lucado dvd, and a 24 piece puzzle. She gave it to Jimmy and he immediately opened it, wrapped himself in the blanket, read the book, and put the puzzle together. They sang a lot of Christmas carols, the pastors wife told a beautiful, heartwarming story, and lots and lots of yummy goodies. All different kinds of cookies, scones with devon cream or lemon curd (which my mom ate plain), gingerbread cake, and a variety of teas. Our table was just gorgeous...each table is done differently but I think we got the most elegant one! Pink crystal, rose tea set, gold and crystal settings...just beautiful! Nope forgot to take a camera! Had a wonderful time...a time to remember! Can't wait till next years!

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

I'm Buddy!

This is one of my favorite movies! Just watched it again last night!

So nice...

A lady (Lien) at my husbands work went to Chinatown today and bought me these figurines..they bring good luck. I've been making cookies/bread every Tuesday for the past three weeks and she wanted to show her appreciation....and that I'm part of the family. Aren't they the cutest! My front bathroom is done in bamboo and these go perfect in there! That was just so nice of her...I've never even met her. He's very blessed to be surrounded by a bunch of great people. When I did meet some of his coworkers they couldn't keep from saying such nice, wonderful things about him. I'm the one truly blessed!

Fuji says, "Peekaboo"

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Not a happy model!

Miss Fuji does not like to model her fancy sweaters! She has a whole drawer full that I've knit her and thought it'd be cute for her to do a model shoot! She's not going for it at all. kitty, kitty, kitty...:)

Monday, December 3, 2007

Fuji Decorating!

Fuji is tuckered out from decorating the tree. She has her ever faithful froggy with her that she takes everywhere. Maybe she's making her wish for what she wants Santa to bring her! :)

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Jimmy Mitts!

Just finished Jimmy's mitts! Made with soft and cuddly! I like Malabrigo way better than the Manos...I'll have to make me some with Malabrigo now. Love the colors too.

Feel rather poopy today. Definitely a sinus infection...burning, burning sinus', throbbing head...laying on the couch in my pj's, drinking Pumpkin Cream Pie tea, and watching Christmas movies. Off to a nap though now with my eucalyptus candle and sound machine making rain noise. La la la, la la la....