Monday, March 21, 2011

Monster Monday!

Monster Chunk!
Fuji showing teeth like the MC!
(lol, really Randy jumped up right when I was snapping the pic)

Front view of Monster Chunk....Sunshine Yarns Soft Sock Minis!

Have a great Monday!


Courtney said...

Hahaha Fuji looks so evil there :-) Is she getting a little sick of her piggy brother Randy?

g-girl said...

the monster chunk is so cute!

Nichole said...

Fuji monster is just too cute for words!

Marjie said...

The sock monster is cute, but Fuji steals the show. She really knows how to pose for the camera, doesn't she?

Dawn said...

That first pic is too cute!
How did you bribe Fugi to do that? ;O)