Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Pool Time

Sadie loves water!! When not in the pool though she's looking for an escape. Hope this doesn't last long...I hate seeing her so shaky/skittish. For those of you who do rescues you can chime in here!:)


Nichole said...

Email me if you want... more details would be helpful.

Natalie Martinez Rush said...

Jackjack was my runner. It takes lots of time and it took obedience training. A tired dog is a good dog but it also helps bonding. Once she starts learning routines it helps her feel more comfortable! Hang in there!

km said...

I had to give up blogs to finish out the school year here...and I'm just getting my feet back in. Our dog was rescue, but she was 8 1/2 weeks old. I would ditto NMR said about the tired puppy. Ours is almost 8 months and she requires TWO 2mile walks (one in the am and one after dinner). She can manage with one, but she can't handle a day without a walk. I'm sure that will be better when she's older, but she's going to have to slow down a lot before we quit trying to tire her out.