Thursday, January 31, 2008

Finished Socks!

Whoohoo I finished my Dawn socks! I didn't know if I'd ever finish these! They are so pretty! I bought a pretty pink t-shirt to wear with them. Tomorrow I'll be pretty in pink!:) My kitty, Cosmo, is still sick...Doc #1 doesn't really know whats wrong with him...going to take him to Doc #2 next week. Now I'm off to learn how to do Magic Loop! YouTube here I come!:)


Nell said...

Great socks! You will definitely be pretty in pink. But without that weird Ducky guy. :)

Dawn said...

I'm so impressed I just can't tell ya!! Doing those toe up was amazing to me! You really made that yarn happy happy!! ;O)

You're gonna like the ML I think. It seems to go so much faster than on dpn's. We'll have to work that heel together! LOL!

Hugs for Cosmo and I hope the other Dr has some answers. I really think it's best to get another opinion.
Talk soon, Luv ya!

Marisol said...

Great Job! Your new pair of socks are very pretty:) I hope your dear kitty feels better soon and the that the doc finds and fixes the problem!

Anonymous said...

Those socks are gorgeous! They need some pink Crocs to go with them don't you think?

You will LOVE Magic Loop, you will wonder how you ever managed before you learned it. Just sayin'

TX Dawn