Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Dawn Sock #1

One Dawn sock finished and another started. The sour patch watermelon candies are the exact same color as the yarn! Haven't been feeling good because my thyroid levels are messed up again. The Doc gave me some different medicine to go along with what I already have. Hopefully this will get this balanced out where I can feel human again. Haven't felt like doing anything lately...not even knitting...which is a tragedy in itself! Tootles!


Dawn said...

That's GORGEOUS!!!!! You did an awesome job!!!

I hope your new RX gets you to feeling better FAST. Not feeling like knitting really means there's something off kilter!! :( I've had too many days like that too!
Keep us posted!!!

Angela said...

I am sorry you feel so bad. That's no fun. The sock is beautiful. I can't gt motivated to finish any of my stuff these days, and I am feeling good.

Alana said...

Cute sock! Hope you are feeling better soon!