Sunday, June 27, 2010

Fitted Knits Class!

HeyMindy was our fabulous teacher yesterday at Grandma's Yarns & Notions!
She taught a class on fitting your knits to your body type.
We got to measure ourselves for sweaters/skirts...this was the depressing, hilarious part!:)

Learned how schematics are guidelines and not actual rules...and to not ignore your row gauge!:) Short row shaping (heel flap for your boobs). Also had wonderful examples shown to us and some awesome books to add to my amazon wishlist!:)

Those in attendance using Ravelry names were: HeyMindy and her hubby Jaimie; DawnRene; CourtsGram; Katnmouse; Knittinwolf; LakeAlien; Vmomr (all the way from Acton); grandmaangie; lszeremet; neckio30; familydiva, KnittingGlassGuy showed up later for knitting time!

DawnRene, Katnmouse, CourtsGram and I went out to lunch at Panera after the class and had a totally fabulous lunch and giggles! We had so much fun yesterday that we are all in a fog today! After lunch we went back to the shop for knitting time! Nancy brought in a coconut cake to celebrate Angie's birthday too....a day of fun and good times!


Anonymous said...

How fun to see the pictures. It was a fabulous day! Very nice blog!

Dawn Rene

Courtney said...

Sounds like fun! I am thinking of taking a sweater class...maybe when I get to Sonora sometime...since I will be single with TONS of time on my hands LOL

g-girl said...

what a great class! i need to take something like that.

Nancy McCarroll - Arts, Crafts and Favorites said...

Looked like a fun day.

BTW, LOVE the sweet pea hand and body lotion!! The scent stays around for a bit, too, which I love. Really creamy!! The other pack is for a gift, and I know she will love it, too!!

Channon said...

I've taken a similar class, but I'm still not comfortable with it all... So, what sweater are you testing your new skills on?