Sunday, June 6, 2010

Jimmy's Fun Day!

BEWARE 13 yr. old crossing!:)

Manly facial hair!

Opening some of his prezzies!
He mainly got $$$$ and is thinking of getting a Playstation 3!

His favorite dessert...Chocolate Thunder from Down Under...(chocolate cake/ice cream/drizzled with lots of hot fudge)!

Some family from NY was out to visit! My grandma's sisters and her niece!
Lft to rt starting from back: ( My Mom and Fuji, Buddy, Shirley, Me, Carol, My Grandma, My Dad, and Jimmy) Not pictured is my other Grandma, Aunt and James!:) Had such a fabulous time! Was a great visit!
Today is my mother in laws birthday...Happy Birthday Carol (Mum)!:) Tomorrow I'll post what I made her!:)


Channon said...

What fun! Time flies and they grow up so fast...

Can't wait to see what you made your MIL. Happy birthday to her too.

g-girl said...

Looks like Jimmy had an awesome birthday! I LOVE his birthday cone!!