Tuesday, August 3, 2010

10 on Tuesday

10 things to bring on vacation:
1. Knitting for the drive.
2. List of yarn stores mapped out along the way.
3. Book.
4. Iphone for staying in touch on twitter/facebook/words with friends.
5. Clothes and comfy shoes.
6. Medicine, toiletries...
7. Sourdough bread so I can eat out and snacks for drive.
8. Cameras and photo equipment...mine and James'!
9. Pictures of Fuji....miss her so much and won't go away for more than three days!
10. My favorite guys...James and Jimmy!


Gnat said...

List of yarn store is a great idea! :) I always look on knitmap.com!

Nichole said...

Great list! =)

Dawn said...

Can't forget the yarn stores.... ;O)

g-girl said...

i always forget the yarn stores! Lol. unless it's a new place that i'm visiting.

Courtney said...

Where does Fuji stay when you are gone?

Emilee said...

That sounds like a perfect vacation list! My mom and I love going into yarn shops that we come across- because it's unbelievable how different each one is! :)

knittinwolf said...

Courtney, Fuji stays home and her Grandma comes to stay and watch her and the other critters.:)

Cat said...

A few minor changes, but that sounds like an excellent 10 to bring. (I don't have an iPhone.)

Very good!