Friday, February 11, 2011

Fiber Friday!

Fall Creek Fibers Polwarth in the colorway Veronica...4 oz.
13 wpi; 2 ply...114 yds.
After it was plied I soaked sink filled with dark brown...emptied and refilled sink and it filled with dark brown color again. Have no idea what to knit with it because its going to bleed color...not a happy camper!

Honestly have no idea what kind of fiber this is besides some kind of wool. Bought it in Solvang, CA. when I got my wheel.
Worsted weight 112 yds. to make James a hat.
Spinning some FreckleFaceFiber Bombyx/Merino in the colorway Marigold.
Spinning it lace weight and will probably be for sale in the shop soon.

Bee Mice Elf Polwarth in the colorway Peanut Butter! So soft and squishy!


Nichole said...

Oooh... I ♥ that first one! Purty!

Dawn said...

I've used too much dye myself a time or two, it happens to the best of us! LOL!!! You can always just try to heat set it again or just keep rinsing. I've added vinegar before to the rinse but once you do a clear rinse it'll just bleed again.

I had blue fingers from the last braid I spun the whole time too and undissolved bits of dye I had to pick out. I was constantly washing my hands to not get anything else blue! I let the dyer know so she would be aware of it though. Might be worth shooting her an email.

Still, you spin beautifully! :O)

Courtney said...

Beautiful colors and wonderful work! I have not yet had the pleasure to knit with handspun...and since I will NEVER spin :) I guess that wont happen...maybe when we go to San Fran I can stop by that store that sells handspun and pick myself up some :-)

g-girl said...

despite the bleeding, it is gorgeous..