Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Whiskers on Wednesday!

Cosmo lazing in the warm sunshine! Q-tip in the shadows!:)

Randy complaining by the door that he's outside all alone....he likes to have Mama right there with him.:)
Started the February Lady Sweater yesterday for the KAL with the Knitwits podcast...almost finished with the Mr. Greenjeans sweater....want to cast on the Wren shawl for @kdlb's KAL.
Had my rings sized so I can wear them again...2.5 sizes down!! Love when they get all shined up by the jeweler; can never get them that shiny by cleaning them at home. Think I'm getting James' crud he had last week so gonna go sit and knit a bit!:)


Bubblesknits said...

Looks comfy. : )

Poor Randy...his Mama needs to go play with him. ; )

Nicole said...

Is Randy getting bigger? I love the Cosmo. Can't wait to see Mr. GJ all finished.

Nichole said...

Both photos are great!

KnitNurd said...

Randy looks like he's a growing boy! :=)

Looking forward to seeing your sweaters. I've knit the FLS and it's a fun one to knit AND wear!!