Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Sunshine Yarns Classic Sock Mini's acquired on the last update....

Was just going to look at what was updated and saw Dani put up the minis...Jimmy came over cuz he heard me go "ooooh" and kept refreshing the page and doing the countdown..."Mom, there's only 4 left....3 left...2 left" .....hurry Jimmy click add to cart!!!! They are gorgeous!!

Came with: Badlands, Painted Desert, Desert Cactus, Kelp Forest, Black and Blue, and Peacock! Ooooh, I just thought I have a shawl pattern called Peacock, hmmmmm might be my next thing I need, lol!

Jimmy and I went and ordered his school books for next year....omg I'm going to have a high schooler! Boy does time fly! Ran into @psalm127 while we were there and chatted with her for a bit which was a nice surprise!


Nichole said...

oooh.... ahhh.... yarn p0rn rocks! lol :)

g-girl said...

omg is right, you're going to have a high schooler already?? what will you make with these minis?