Sunday, February 3, 2008

Magic Loop

Started the Magic Loop socks friday night...went an inch...payed attention to the ends...4 knits on one side and 4 purls on other end....Saturday night frogged on knit two rows...dang it same thing happened again...ribbit ribbit...I'm so good at ripping look at what I'm doing...hmmmm Jen said to look at it like a cup...well dang I'm drinking on the wrong side! Start again, face it toward my mouth and by golly geepers its working! Duh, don't know where my head was. Well, yeah watching movies...friday night watched Daddy Day Camp and last night watched The Gameplay...both really good..not good for knitting though!

Went to a Webkinz day thingy yesterday and Jimmy won the gift basket! Whoohoo, we pick it up tomorrow...he's so excited. Although when they called him last night he just said politely thank you but as soon as he got off the phone it was the big hoopin and hollerin boogy dance! :) So funny! Gonna have a relaxing, pajama day today...don't have to go have laundry to do but am going to find some knittin time too. Super bowl is a good time to knit...have no idea what they're doing with that ball anyways except trampling each other!:)

Cosmo has his new doc appt. tomorrow. I got all his paperwork, tests and xrays from Doc #1. Of course, Doc 1 had to try to show me all his stuff again...I said I didn't want to see him just wanted my stuff but he persisted so I let him yap and then said well whats wrong with him and how are you going to treat it...well uh I don't know....Thank you goodbye! And off I went with my papers and took down the xray and walked out. Ugh! Went bra shopping afterwards and got me some pretty sling shots...but dang for as much as they cost they should be made out of gold! Then got hubby some new shirts and ties and got the boys some Valentine goodies. Gotta get off the computer so I can have some knittin time and make some yummy nachos! Have a "Super" day, haha get it Super!:)

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Nell said...

Now that you are successfully magic loop-ing, you might not go back to dpn's. I thought I would always stick to my beloved dpn's. But I'm loving the ML. Have a great day of knitting!