Monday, April 7, 2008


Finished my Noro Iro Ponchette! This was a fun, no thinker, knit! I was going to use it for my trip to Cambria but have a touch of the flu again. This was really nice yarn to work with but it had lots of areas where it'd been cut and knotted. Love the colors of it though...bought this yarn last year in Atascadero!

Got these books in the mail...Darcy told me two of them were really far I'm half way done with the Knitting Under the Influence. I sooooo love to read...but then I feel guilty I'm not knitting...but hey I'm reading about it!:)


Dawn said...

Ooh, that's a cool ponchette! I love the noro colors!

I have CrazyAuntPurls book and I've read the KnitLit one from the library, I haven't seen that other one tho...tell me how it is K?

I'm so sorry you got that bug again! What a total bummer. You've been on a great up-swing lately too! I hope it's just temporary and you'll be able to have some fun anyway. You definitely deserve some new yarn for all this heartache!!! LOL! GET WELL!!!!


Nell said...

Great colors in that Noro!

YAY for knit lit!