Saturday, April 5, 2008

Valentine Socks!

Yes, Dawn, I've finally finished my Charlie Brown Valentine socks! Guess now I need to do my Charlie Brown Easter ones!:) I so love this White Oak Studio sock favorite! Also supposed to receive another Woolgirl sock club kit on the 14th! I better get to knittin'!

A lady at work made these for my hubby and of course guess who took them from him!:) These are made from little, bitty beads! Its Lady and the Tramp! Aren't these awesome! I asked him to ask her about the book she used for them and she bought it for me! He works with the sweetest people! One thing about the book is that its in Japanese! She goes by the pictures though...its a bunch of strings interlooping with the beads...around and around and around. I'm going to try this once Jimmy is finished with the school year so I can sit all day long and try this and not worry about having to do school. Aren't these the coolest! I just don't know if I have the patience to do it!
I frogged the Spring Thing shawl and re-casted on yesterday...ooh 6 whole rows! I'm just going to do a couple of rows here and there and take my time because the mohair is so tedious. I bought some pretty beads for it too yesterday. We'll see how it goes!:)
Tuesday we leave for Cambria....aaaaah can't wait to see, smell, touch the ocean! Whoohoo!:)


Nell said...

Have fun at the Ocean!

I can't imagine how you'd make those Lady and the Tramp figures. What a nice gift!

Dawn said...

I can't see the pic of that?! :( What is it? Sounds cool tho! LOL!

But I CAN see the socks! Wow, those came out great! I love that colorway! I'll have to put that type of yarn on my "wish" list for next year! LOL! I've been seeing so many that I can't wait to try! Yep, you're getting a little behind on the holiday socks there! ;O)

I'm so jealous! Cambria is beautiful. You guys enjoy yourselves and be safe! Take lots of pics!!!! Big Hugs!

Dawn said...

Okay, now I see them!! Those are soo cute! I love beaded things. I was actually working on stuff like between my crocheting days and my learning to knit!

I Can't wait to see what you make! Too Cute!!! I want some!!!! :)

Darcy knotty Knitter said...

Wow they are so beautiful what a wonderful gift handmade gifts are so thoughtful:) Hugs Darcy

Darcy knotty Knitter said...

I hope you wear the socks to the next meeting they are gorgeous;) Hugs Darcy