Friday, April 25, 2008

Webkinz Extravaganza!

Went to the Webkinz Extravaganza at the Main Street Candle Shop today. Jimmy and I had sooooo much fun! He got to make a cool beaded collar for his webkinz. He spun the wheel of wow and won a Webkinz mousepad. He got to guess how many jellybeans were in a jar. Won two things of cotton candy...yummmmm! Also received two free Webkinz animals! They had it decorated really cool with balloons everywhere!

Went to Joanns to get some supplies for my hubby so he can make me some more of those cool shawl pins...want him to make me a palm tree one and a flamingo one! We then went Mother's Day shopping for my mama. Went to Bath and Bodyworks to try these cool flip flops on that give you a workout when you walk...they were really tight and hurt though so didn't get any. When I was leaving the lady said to try on different ones because some are time! Then we went to Red Robin for lunch....mmmmmm....I love their chicken teriaki burger...scrumptious! I know Dawn is now drooling! Had such a wonderful day! I even vacuumed and changed our bed before we even left. I can tell I'm getting my energy this juice I'm drinking Xangos is giving me an awesome boost! Gonna start swimming again next week...whoohoo!


Dawn said...

Oh my, how could you make me so hungry!!??

It's okay tho, my Mom was having a Cheese Enchilada & Chili Relleno dinner tonight from a GREAT restuarant there where we live. My mouth was already watering from talking to her earlier. You guys are just torturing me. It baffles me how I keep gaining weight with the crappy food where I live now! I should be a stick! ;O)

Hmmm, I don't like to wear sandels that go between my toes but that's an interesting concept they came up with if it's true. I think I saw something like that from Curves in an AVON booklet? Seems familiar...Wowza, those are expensive tho huh?

Sounds like you guys had a great day! I'm so glad you're feeling better! I have to get out tomorrow for my walk, keeping my fingers crossed that it doesn't rain! Keep having fun!!

Nell said...

I wonder if those sandals really work... Hmmmm....