Thursday, May 15, 2008

Mother's Day Yarn!

Hand Maiden Sea Silk - Ireland (vibrant greens/gray) So love this, its gorgeous! Going to make the Storm Water Shawl that came free with the purchase of the yarn.

My first Cherry Tree Hill sock yarn..its a bright watermelon pink and then Alpaca Sox called heavens in pink. It reminds me of a sunset that has a lot of the pinks/blues mixed together.
Please pray for my sweet friend who's undergoing her first chemo treatment tomorrow. She has to have 6 sessions of this and a years worth of injections. More prayers the better!:)
I go the doctor tomorrow to see whats cannot be the fourth time with the flu! I'm tired of bonding with the toilet...hopefully they will find out whats wrong!


Dawn said...

You'll like the CTH!! Oooh, such a pretty color! I love it all and am one of the green colors in your Sea Silk! LOL!! Can't wait to see that shawl worked up!

Tell your friend to drink lots of water and tell them about anything that bothers her. My Mom's chemo nurses were very thorough and always made sure we knew to call ASAP if we had any questions or she had any uncomfortable sypmtoms.

You both are in my prayers. This sure doesn't sound like the flu. You better tell them to run more tests once and for all! This is too much!! :(

Keep me posted!

Nell said...

That Handmaiden is beyond gorgeous!

Good luck to your friend. And to you. 4th flu seems out of control.

Thank you so much for all the encouragement too. It really makes a difference.

Angela said...

i sure do hope they find out what's the matter with you. Still having the flu does seem excessive.

As for your yarn I love that pink. So pretty.

Darcy knotty Knitter said...

The yarns are lovely I will keep your friend in my thoughts .Hugs Darcy

Marisol said...

Nice Stash enhancment!