Sunday, February 22, 2009


Made these cute little birds today, aren't they the cutest! James calls them Peeps!
They were super fun and easy! I was going to work on the alpaca wrap but just couldn't face it after trying it yesterday. Gonna go work on my dream in color shrug...almost done with it just need to do the edging.
My friend, Jennifer, just got a new addition to her've got to see this sweet baby!


Nell said...

OMG! What's the pattern??? They are too cute!

Dawn said...

Those are so cute! :)
They look like my Anabelle. What pattern did you use?

Jeannine said...

oh you do the cutest little critters of anyone I know!

Julianne said...

Cute...Between you and Dawn, I am ready for Tweet Tweet and Chirp Chirp.... Julie

g-girl said...

the lil birdies are adorable!