Sunday, February 1, 2009

Superbowl Sunday!

Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Arizona Cardinals

Who will win?

This could be the sixth superbowl win for Pittsburgh and make them set a record for most superbowl wins! Go Steelers!

These were my FO's for the week...a swiffer shrug (which works absolutely great) and a sponge. I've got to make a couple more swiffer shrugs, they're awesome! Still working on my Peppermint Patty socks..I do a couple rows a day because its so tedious...crocheting on my afghan, and the Dream in Color shrug is still on the needles but haven't worked on it.

I'm wanting to put some of our soaps on etsy but don't know what kind of scents to put...give me some of your ideas, what's your favorite scent? Thanks a bunch!


Nat Red Knits said...

Go Bears!....oh wait, they forgot to show up....LOL
Go Cardinals ( you know how I like red)

You are such a good Green girl! I like the swiffer pad. When I get my new place I will have to make one of those.

I will get to watch the SB from usual.

Julianne said...

Well, my ex-husband was a Steelers fan. But I still like them even though I truly am a Raider fan..I know. That is totally against Raider rules...oh well..I have always been a rebel...heehee..Anyways, I want the Steelers to win BUT the Cardinals have NEVER been to the SuperBowl so that would be cool too....Plus I heard the most awesome story about Kurt Warner and his wife. It was really neat..they seem like neat people. I didn't like him when he quarterbacked for St. Louis but that is because I have NEVER liked the Rams....oh well may the best team win and I just hope it is a good game...chili beans are in the crockpot and the rest of the food is on its way...yea!!! Have fun....Julie

Nell said...

I generally go for floral or fresh scents. I love the cinnamon soap you made at Christmas!

Channon said...

A crocheted swiffer shrug? Do tell...

The Steelers did it! Whoooo hooooo!

g-girl said...

i love the crocheted sponge! what a great idea. as for scents...citrusy ones are are berries..cinnamon is also a good suggestion. what about clove?