Monday, April 13, 2009

Playing with Fiber!

This is Princess Penelope...she's such a love. Got lots of alpaca kisses from her...she loves to have the backs of her ears rubbed. Such a sweet girl! When they go down like this it is called "cush." She stayed like this for a long time and let me love on her!

From the left is Primos Etta, Princess Penelope, Millie Truffle Star, and Snowmass Sallie.

This handsome boy is Stormdancer.
He likes to lay in the sun on his back, which is not a common thing for alpacas.
He is also the cry baby on shearing day too....they said he cries like a girl and makes a big racket!

This strapping fellow is Ceaser.

These are the youngins'.....Beatrice, Billy the Kid, and Delila!
Pictures all done by Jimmy Wolfe.
First visited these guys on April 8 and again yesterday. They are so sweet! The owners have answered so many of our questions and are just fabulous. It's amazing the stuff we have learned about them. How they give birth in the mornings between 9-11 so the baby which is called a cria will be able to run from predators by evening. The females have a gestation of 11.5 months. They can live from 15-20 years of age. So fun to learn new things!


Channon said...

They're just adorable. That's fascinating that they give birth during such a specific window.

Gnat said...

They are so cute!!! Glad you had fun!

Dawn said...

They have the most sweet & adorable faces! :) You just want to squeeze them!

Nicole said...

Are these your future babies? I have my eye on the white one! ;)

Nat Red Knits said...

Alpacas are so beautiful! I have a friend that raises alpacas, and I love when she gives me undyed natural yarn.

I can see it now, Wolfe Alpaca Farms.

g-girl said...

oh the young'uns were darling. i'm with nicole, are these your future babies??