Sunday, April 26, 2009

Yellowstone National Park

On our way home from Montana...look at that sky, you can see why its called big sky country!

Jimmy snacking on one of the brownies from Grandma Carol's!

After the brownie!:)

Grizzly bear on the side of the road while driving through Yellowstone...think this was Yogi!:)

A bison traffic jam!
Had to wait for them to get off the road. Nope James wouldn't let me try to brush them either for their fiber! He did find some on the ground when we got out to take pics one time though! Showed it to Fuji when we got home and she tried to eat it!

Near one of the many geyser/hot springs...can you smell the sulfur?

Elk on the side of the road near Old Faithful.

Jimmy recording Old Faithful blowing!

Waterfall we saw on the drive through. Such a beautiful area...heaven on earth! Took so many pics was hard to decide what ones to put on....more to come!:)


Channon said...

Beautiful! Thanks for taking the detour and sharing it with us.

Gnat said...

Wow...beautiful! A bison traffic jam! :) hehehe

g-girl said...

thanks for the sharing such great pictures! I feel like I've been to Yellowstone now!