Friday, October 2, 2009

Belly Dance Recital!

Wednesday evening, James and I went to the Desert Dance Recital.
I wanted to see all the different styles of belly dancing and this was the perfect way to do so. We had a really great time. The MC was a dance teacher (Lia Kamminga) I'd had when I was little and ice skating. Went up to her at the end to talk to her and she remembered me! Then we saw one of the professional dancers and she used to be our old neighbor in our previous house. Such a small world!

There was Egptian style, tribal style, gothic style, cabaret style, Hiplash.....even one gal belly danced with a huge sword balanced on her head!

Above front left is my knitting friend, Mindy (HeyMindy on Ravelry) performing the tribal style of belly dancing. The girl on the back right is only 14 too and is a real sweetie! It was a very entertaining night! Maybe next year I'll be in it.....hmmmm!:)


Dawn said...

If you love doing it that's something to shoot for! Have fun! ")

Richard said he'd try ballroom dancing with me (his receptionist is doing it and loves it) but with the fibro my legs barely hold me up anymore! Maybe someday!!

g-girl said...

ya know, i didn't know there was more than one type of belly dancing! i'm gonna learn a lot from you. :)

Gnat said...

Looks like so much fun!!!

Alisha said...

You are such a cute couple : )

Channon said...

What fun! Kudos to your hubby too... I couldn't drag the Knight to anything with "dance" in it.