Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Charity Blankets!!

Received this beautiful machine knit blanket from DawnRene!

Received this beautiful warm blanket from HeyMindy!
I've gotta find out what pattern she used!:)

KnitNurd made this colorful blanket!

Knitnpurlgurl made this crocheted Shrek blanket!

Knitnpurlgurl also made this coffee mint fleck blanket that reminds me of chocolate mint ice cream. My favorite color (green) in both her blankets!:)
Contest details you can click on the link for more info!
New yarn store opening near me today....too sick to go :(!!! I'll post pics though when I do get to go! Hopefully some yummy yarns!


Channon said...

Beautiful! I need to get my other obligations out of the way long enough to crochet one for you...

Ms. Diva said...

I'm working on mine, but I am having a heck of time figuring out my dads helmet liner! Ahhhggghhhh! Pretty lapgans!!

KnitNurd said...

This is so fun...I love doing charity projects!!! :=)
Hope you get better soon Dawn...I know how you feel!

Fru-la-la! said...

feel better soon, dear one! I'm working on my blanket goodness right now!

Courtney said...

I hope you feel better soon, I will be casting on for another blanket here soon. I will mail the two off that I already have made here soon. I might see if Deedee wants me to mail hers off for her in my package too.

Sue said...

Dawn, I've got one ready to mail. E-mail me with your address.

Dawn said...

Wow! Ravelry finally updated the blog posts and I'm far behind on yours! LOL!

My blanket is trying desperately to get done. I even started a second one before the first one was even finished. What am I thinking? I can barely knit a few rows these days (darn fibro issues).

Hope you're feeling better! And everyone's doing a fantastic job on their lapghans!

g-girl said...

wow, the blankets are fantastic!