Monday, January 17, 2011

Day 3 with Randy!

Bakin' in the Sun!
Sharing the sun with Fuji!
They played ring around my legs for a bit and then this afternoon he chased Fuji and then she'd turn around and chase him around the couch...sooo funny. She's now on top of the couch just watching him, lol!

Praying his surgery tomorrow goes fine!....he gets neutered.

Randy says, "This is the life!"

Outside time...hard to see him by the butterfly bush and the iphone doesn't take the greatest pics...even did a poopy outside...yeah Randy!

Lovin' the belly rubs!
His new trial food today was banana...he said yum yum yum and smacked his lips!
We tried to get a bath today and I quickly learned what the phrase "like a stuck pig" means...he screamed SOOOO LOUD and for a long time...didn't even get him near the then I tried walking him into our walk in shower and he ran away squealing....sooo put some coconut oil on him and rubbed it in to help with his dry skin. We'll try the bath again in a week with lots of treats!


KnitNurd said...

Ummm...should you be sayin' the word "bakin"? I know the kind I'm thinking of is spelled bacon, but they sound the same.
Hope all goes well tomorrow for the little guy!!!

lisagreenb said...

I. Am. In. Love. Randy is so freaking adorable- he turns my heart to mush!! I always wanted a little pig. Thanks for letting me enjoy this bundle of sweetness vicariously!! Are you going to knit him any accessories??
Lisa (lisagreenb on Ravelry)

Bubblesknits said...

Oh Lord...I'm still giggling about KnitNurd's comment. LOL I love that he and Fuji get along so well. : )

Anonymous said...

He is so cute and always looks like he is smiling! Lots of hugs and cuddles for him tomorrow!

Marjie said...

Good Lord! I disappear for a week and you adopt a cute little piggy! My daughter would just adore him. Glad Fuji has a little friend.

Ariel said...

He's very adorable!

Nichole said...

Awww... absolutely love the sun spot photos! :)

g-girl said...

i love that randy and fuji are playmates!