Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Day 5 with Randy!.....and test shawl!

Rubbin' against my clogs!
You can tell he's feeling better than yesterday!
As I write this he's ripping around the couch snorting away! LOL
Loves to lay in the sun! Still a bit sleepy today! He loves me to kiss the top of his head while really making the exaggerated kiss sound and then he makes the same smack sound...its so funny! Another odd thing I've noticed is when they are nervous they grind their ya goose bumps to hear it. As soon as I tell him "your ok" he stops.

Finally finished the test knit I was doing for Leftsideknits...It's called the Chosen Path Shawl...fabulous pattern and a fun knit. I did this in a dk yarn my niece, Lila, bought for me in Taos, NM...just gorgeous!

It's blocking right you can see it's HUGE! It's longer than my love seat that shows a bit in the pic! Going to be very snuggly and warm! Hope it will get cold enough again so I can use it...Nichole blow some of that cold snow globe weather your having to CA!:)

Happy Birthday to Sillyfru today too! XOXO!!


Thea said...

Dawn! Your shawl is beautiful. Love your Randy. He is just a sweetheart. Glad he is better today.

Dawn said...

What a gorgeous shawl! I love the color too! Can you bottle up some of your energy and send it to me please? ;O)

KnitNurd said...

That shawl is stunning!!!! Glad to see Randy is up and about and doing well...he's so cute!

Nichole said...

Gorgeous Shawl... and handsome Randy!