Sunday, June 24, 2007


Boy, have I been busy. Friday had a doctor appt. in Woodland Hills - nothing happened there. But afterwards my DH took me out to lunch and to two yarn stores. One of them was horrible (no inventory and very rude) but the other one was Unwind which was totally awesome! Beautiful store, friendly staff, huge, huge, huge selection! I bought some Panda Cotton (2), Regia bamboo (for my son), three pairs of dpn needles, stitch markers, and a sock pattern. Can't wait to go back sometime.

Yesterday was laundery and ironing but we did go and buy a easy set up pool. After it was filled we went swimming in it and played with all the toys we bought. Played with the beach balls, water guns, kick boards and my son bought an awesome pirate ship that squirts from the cannon. So fun! We got out and bbq hot dogs, had a blast! For our evening entertainment we watched ERAGON. It was a really great movie, now I'm going to have to read the book. Usually I do that first but I didn't think I'd like it.

Today I'm going to a get together with the KnottyKnitters! Let you know how that goes later. TTFN

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Needles (aka Carol) said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful day. Please bring your purchases for show and tell.