Thursday, June 28, 2007


Wow, sorry haven't posted in a while. Been real busy with swim team practice and private practices with my son. Plus we've been doing a lot of swimming at home. I'm actually feeling better this week, whew the medicines are finally working! After feeling bad for over 6 months its weird to feel good! Still working on my #2 circ sock. I got to the gusset part last night and it was so foreign to me I put it down and just watched So You Think You Can Dance. Picked the sock up this morning and figured out what to do next. Yeah! I wonder if I'll have it done my our next meeting? Hopefully, or you'll think I'm pretty lame!:) On our group posting boy did someone have their panties in a twist, whowee! Ms. M handled it so nicely! Pat on the back for you chica! What was the big deal? Hmmm. Exciting to see new members! Gonna go make my ds some yummy scrumptious pancakes! Tootles!

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Melissa F. in CA said...

You are sooooooo sweet!!! Thank you so much :) *HUGS*