Monday, June 25, 2007

Knotty Knitter Meeting!

What an awesome group! Had so much fun! What a bunch of talented knitters! Carol was working on a rainbow shawl which is absolutely gorgeous plus she brought socks to show, wow! Ann was wearing a beautiful shawl she'd made and making a felted tote bag with vibrant colors. Mindy was making the neatest mittens, amazing watching her knit and she wasn't even looking at it! Jaimie was working on a scarf but had made an awesome shawl pin, so creative! Jo gave me a great idea about knitting two socks at one time where you don't end up with just one, plus she's going to teach me how to circle 8 cast on toe up (boy thats a mouthful)! Diane was working on a black shawl and Juanita I have no idea what it was but it had pretty colors. What was really cool was Carol had her son there and he was knitting a totally cool cat bed and Mindy/Jaime's daughter was knitting too a bright scarf! Miss Leesa showed for the meeting, whoohoo and was knitting a sweater arm and sportin' curls!:) Can't wait for the next meeting, which will probably fall right on my birthday! Great present to knit for four hours with a bunch of great people! Excited about meeting the others that weren't able to make it. I forgot to say what I worked on; my other circ sock and starting my Jimmy sock! TTFN


Jo said...

dun dun dun daaaaaa

i found you. and you posted about the knitmeet



Darcy knotty Knitter said...

Thankyou for posting about the get together what fun I loved reading about everyones projects and about some new faces hope to be at the next one;)Darcy

Melissa F. in CA said...

I really hope to meet you at the next meeting! My family and I have a camping trip thing happening but I'm not sure what weekend that is... I'm keeping my fingers crossed!