Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Cosmo better!

Went to the new vet yesterday...so great! The other vet put him on a dog scale...15lbs. This vet put him on a cat scale...21lbs! Oh my arms! Right there tells you how well the rest of the visit went. Since of course he wasn't showing any symptoms yesterday the vet changed him to a prescription food that is for urinary problems. He's acting fine now. Yeah! I did have him check his glucose because he's been drinking like thre's no tomorrow. So happy he's doing better.

Went and picked up Jimmy's gift basket he won at Webkinz Day at the candle shop. He won 3 card packs, a whole school supply kit (folders, notebook, pens, pencils, ruler, case) and a Pinto Webkinz toy. He was so excited...so fun to win things. I was going to take a picture but the camera's not working (for me) this morning. I was even going to take Cosmo's pic...he's still sitting where I put him...sweet kitty!

Be My Valentine Charlie Brown socks...approx. 3in. done! Whoohoo! So far Magic Loop is doing good.


Marisol said...

Good to hear your kitty is better! Hey way to go on winning the school supplies-Congrats to your little guy!

Dawn said...

Great News about Cosmo, hope he continues to feel better! Our cats need a better food too, they just seem to do better on it.

My ML socks aren't moving much, I got the heel done and am working on the foot part but I'm using a dark yarn and still can't see very straight thanks to this head cold! LOL! Mine are gonna be so funky!

Hugs and Congrats to Jimmy, you guys need to play the lotto, you have such awesome luck! Send some of it my way K???

Nell said...

I am naive to the ways of Webkinz. But I'm glad your son is loving it!

Anonymous said...

I had NO idea there was a dog scale vs. a cat scale. Can't wait to see the socks!