Friday, February 22, 2008

Knittin' Update!

Here's a knittin update...I know, I know...FINALLY!:) These are the olives "Olive You" that I made for hubby for Valentines...aren't they the cutest! These are low in fat and high in fiber! ha ha that lil bit of humor was for TN Dawn!:)

These are the Magic Loop, Charlie Brown Valentine socks. This is sock number one, after being ripped out and started over. One day, by next Valentines will have its mate. Gotta keep the romance and anticipation alive right! :) Haven't worked on these because I've been trying to make my niece some bunny slippers (below)...she's going to be two and have never seen her so don't really know what size to make...tried a small with size 6 needles...nope...tried a small with size 7 needles...still to I'm trying a size large with 7 needles. Its looking more right. The pattern doesn't specify what child sizes sooooooooo.....

I'm feeling better health wise...think this round of meds are working. Been walking a mile or doing the eliptical for a mile a day and next week I'm going to start back to swimming. Can't wait...really miss it. Jimmy's got a big swim meet this weekend in downtown LA in the pool the Olympic swimmers swam in. Pretty cool except its an outdoor pool and we're having a big rainstorm Saturday and Sunday. Shoot even the Nascar race is going to be rained out on Sunday because its here in CA too! Going to have a wet weekend! Stay dry!


Nell said...

Those olives are so cute!!!!

Dawn said...

That colorway for your valentine socks is SO gorgeous! It's worth the wait! The Olives turned out great too! (I love the high in fiber part! LOL!)

Kids things are tough, they grow so fast and are bigger than we usually think they are. Always go bigger is my thought.

Well, be safe and have fun this weekend. I heard about the rain over there, we may be getting more here too. :(