Saturday, November 1, 2008

Happy November 1st!

Jimmy was a dementor for Halloween...very scary and spooky!:) Had a wonderful time trick-or-treating...walked his legs off! Really fun day!

Today it's actually raining! Jimmy out doing the rain dance so it'd rain more than ten minutes! Where there is water, there is Jimmy! My water boy!:)


Angela said...

I hope he had fun. My poor kids didn't get any from the houses out where we live. There haven't been kids out here for ages and because the houses are so far apart nobody walks around. But we did go to the nursing home where her great grandma is and man did they make bank there.All the little ladies and gentlemen were sitting out in front of there rooms and they were so happy to see them all.

Dawn said...

Jimmy looks so cool! :) And YAY RAIN!!!

Our Malls do the Halloween thing so the kids make out like bandits going to all the stores. We usually do that because some years it was WAY too cold to be outside! (The year we did Boo at the Zoo we about froze our botties off! LOL! And all the animals were asleep already!) We're pretty spaced out house-wise, even in sub-divisions (and the hills make walking a nightmare!)

Miss Chelsea went even tho she was sooo tired, poor baby. I don't think she got any sleep the night before, it was her second night with her spacers on. :( She was EXHAUSTED! I thought she was literally going to pass out. She can't eat most of her booty, but she's sharing with her Big Sis who is TOO BIG to go T or T anymore! ;O) Kids! LOL!

Nell said...

Jommy is REALLY SCARY!!!!!

So glad it's finally raining. We needed it BAD.

Nat Red Knits said...

Hey.... That's whatRaine was last year...LOL

Marisol said...

Eeek I'm scared... Pleae Jimmy spare my soul:)

g-girl said...

He looks so scary!!