Friday, November 14, 2008

Whoo hoo...

Jimmy's swim coach last week wore his hat I made for him for the team picture. The high schoolers asked him where he got it and he pointed over to me and said she'll make them for you for $5! of the braver boys asked me to make him one...then he asked me again for his friend....then he asked me for his dad and also said there were a bunch of kids at his school that are wanting them! Pretty cool huh? I've sold 3, whee hee!

I really need to get cracking on my Love Bite scarf, especially since the movie is in a week...I have about two feet...maybe I shouldn't have done it in fingering weight, but really wanted the lacey pattern (fang bites) to show through! I'm sooooo excited about these books and movie that I feel like a teeny bopper! Dawn you have to go check it out at the're girls would even like them, Jimmy's even reading it! I didn't want to read it either because I'd heard it was sci fi vampirish...just forget about that and read it, its sooooo good!

The Mystery Beret KAL last clue came out yesterday but I'm going to hold off until I finish that a lot of people are having to rip it out and do more repeats of clue 2 so it makes it slouch like a beret....have to wait and see what I'm going to do, especially since I didn't check gauge I have no idea how this is going to come out..might have to be a present for my niece who's 2.5! Which would look wonderful with her big blue eyes!



Angela said... are gonna make some good yarn money. Thats so cool.

Dawn said...

Wow Dawn! That's awesome about your hats!! I'm really happy for you that they're catching on like wildfire! ;)

I know, I was reading that same thing about the beret today. Good thing I'm so behind! I'm at the end of clue 2 and think I'll just do another repeat as well before I work the crown decreases, that should work out for me as well.

I'm still reading The Devil's Brood and am 400 pages in with around 350 more to go. I'm so glad the library got plenty of copies in so I could renew it, it's taking longer than usual for me to finish. :(

I'll get to Twilight someday (you know me, a day late and a dollar short!). My 12 year old couldn't get into the T book but some of her friend are REALLY into it so we'll see! ;O)

Happy Busy Knitting!!!
PS. Scarves in fingering wt, will we ever learn??? LOL!!

Marisol said...

Bring on the love bite scarf! Lets see it:)

Cool hats eh... I bet they are going to ask for them in their school colors:) What yarn and pattern are you using?

Nat Red Knits said...

I did that once, knit for profit. I made a nice little bundle. My girl-friend sold them in her nail shop for me, and I had a hard time keeping up with the orders. I had an excess of yarn that was sitting left over from other projects, so to me it was all free money ;)

Nell said...

Sounds like you need to up your prices!!!

g-girl said...

i'm with nell! but wait until you've got a bit of a following going. ;)