Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Christmas Meme

1. What is your favorite Christmas carol/song? Mary Did You Know

2. White lights or multicolored? White lights and not blinking.

3. Do you you have a cut tree, live tree or an artificial tree? artificial tree...allergic to pine

4. Eggnog, mulled cider, or hot chocolate? Cider. Yuck eggnog!

5. Do you decorate your house with lights? Yes

6. Do you write a Christmas letter? No, but send photo cards.

7. Do you like receiving Christmas letters/photos? Yes, very much.

8. What is your favorite Christmas story/movie? Polar Express and Elf.

9. Have you ever made a gingerbread house? No.

10. Poinsettias or holly? Poinsettias

11. Do you display a nativity scene? Yes, its Precious Moments!

12. Do you bake Christmas cookies? Yes, lots and lots!

13. Ham or turkey? Both

14. In what languages can you wish someone a Merry Christmas (without cheating)? English, Spanish and ASL.

15. Do you know all the words to Jingle Bells? I think so...If I don't then I'd just improvise! Love singing Christmas carols! James and Jimmy just love hearing it too...j/k..their poor ears!:)

16. Do you put presents under the tree? Yes, and James and Jimmy have to watch out for me shaking gifts and snooping!

17. How do you eat a candy cane? Break pieces off and suck on it...sometimes just like a sucker...odd question!

18. What is your biggest holidays pet peeve? When a certain someone in my family asks someone if they opened a certain package when they haven't...hence it ruins it for the person. Happens every year!

19. What is your favorite Christmas tradition? Exchanging ornaments with James and Jimmy. Doing the Pooh Bear countdown to Christmas with Jimmy. I love all the traditions we have!

20. What was the best present you ever got for Christmas? I can't think of just one....most important to me is time with my family!


Nell said...

You're right. Eggnog is gross. ;)

Cute meme.

Dawn said...

Eww.Eggnog. I'd take the hot chocolate. I like both colored and white lights! And they had better flash!!! LOL!! Well, we have the kind with a controller, I like SLOW changes, not "freak out" Freddy kind of lights. :P

Julianne said...

I have to agree with chocolate. I have to copy this and put on my blog...I love doing these....:-)