Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Year in Review...2008

January: 1-16 our beloved Jim passed away. He was a grandfather figure to me and such a dear friend....he was also my Santa as I was growing up.

February: I became sick and didn't know what it was....also had Jim's memorial service.

Sick In Bed

March: I was still sick....a good friend, Sindia was diagnosed with breast cancer. As of now she is done with her chemo/radiation and is regaining strength. Started attending Knotty Knitter meetings.

April: Still sick but had visits from some good friends. Didn't get to go to Cambria for our yearly anniversary trip due to my sickness. James and Jimmy got some new Quads though and have been enjoying riding them all year!
Quad Racer

May: Doctors performed a colonoscopy and found out I have IBS. Learning to live with this and deal with it. Indiana Jones movie out and Jimmy and James loved it!

June: Birthday Jimmy turned 11, where does the time go? Awesome knit in public day on the 14th! Bought a travel trailer and went camping in Morro Bay.
Camp Fire

July: Local yarn store went out of business but benefitted from the 40% off sale. Fun times knitting with friends.

August: I started swimming every day and having a blast doing it. Jimmy found a new swim team that he loves. Celebrated all the August birthdays in my family.

September: Went camping in La Jolla...swam with the fish, awesome time!

October: Beverly Hills Chihuahua movie came out! Bought a nursery! Jimmy did awesome at his first Frog swim meet! Found my new favorite yarn store in Apple Valley...Fanciewerks! Cut fourteen inches off my it short!

November: Swim Team picture party. Shopping in Littlerock, CA. Started making soap with James! Got addicted to Twilight! James bought me a new car for my early Christmas present. Started knitting with a new knitting group!

December: Lots of Christmas knitting! Fun time at Build-a-Bear. Had an awesome snowstorm and had a blast playing in it. Snow Flake 2

2009 glasses 2009 I plan on catching up on my sock knitting! After being so sick last year I plan on being healthy. Going to start back to swimming and when I find the Wii fit going to start the yoga! Also want to start attending my knit group more frequently. I've so enjoyed getting to know my bloggy friends more this year and hope to get to know you even better this year.

Happy New Year


Channon said...

Email me your addy and I'll send you all the yoga stuff I can't do anymore. The chiro AND a personal trainer/friend blame yoga for the first leg of my back relapse. (Wreck in 12/07 didn't help AT ALL...) I all but cry every time I look at it, so maybe I can make room in my heart for Tai chi if you can use this yoga stuff - books, DVDs, etc.

May 2009 be kind to you!

Dawn said...

Happy New Year!! :)

Nell said...

What a year! Hopefully 2009 will be just as kind to all of us.

foodandknitgirl said...

I hope you get every thing done that is on your list . God Bless
BTW I love the new hair cut to.

Good luck with your IBS to .

g-girl said...

here's to better health in 2009. ooh, let me know when you find the wii fit and try it out!