Monday, December 22, 2008

TN Santa Package!:)

Just got an awesome package in the mail from Dawn! Of course I didn't wait till Christmas like she is doing with my package. I'm too much of a kid...had to open it, it told me to!:)
I can't even begin to thank her for all the wonderful goodies...I love them all!
She is a very special person and I treasure her friendship! She means a lot to me!

She sent...yummy strawberry lip gloss; strawberry bath salt (going to use tonight); gingerbread man soap; a pedicure set (see she knows I try knitting with my toes!); a knitting gauge (we're supposed to check gauge Dawn???):); notepad; a beautiful pen that has bells on it that I keep ringing and which the cats are eyeballing; cool Christmas stitch markers and row counter that has a clip on it (awesome); a stuffed frog which Fuji is waiting for me to forget where she can sneak off with it; an awesome pattern called a Swirl Shawl; yarn to go with the pattern; and an awesome yarn holder that has grommets in both ends so the yarn can pull through and stay clean and cat hair free and is in an awesome green! Boy did she spoil me!

Swirl Shawl Pattern with Jojoland Melody yarn!

Close up pic of the cute, Christmas stitch markers and row counter!

Close up pic of the beautiful yarn...look at the gorgeous colors!
Can't wait to start it!

Thanks again it sooooo much!


Dawn said...

Whew! I was getting worried when you said it hadn't made it yet! What a relief!

Put Mr. Froggy up on the fridge, he's got a magnet in him! I wouldn't want Fuji to eat him and be stuck to metal somewhere! LOL!!

You can use that yarn for socks or scarves too. I had sort of thought we'd do a KAL kind of thing but I think I've totally chickened out! And I know you have more projects lined up for the shop and stuff.

Thanks for all you do too Miss Dawn! :) :)

g-girl said...

what a great package! the shawl pattern looks really cool!

Anonymous said...

I have been wanting to make that pattern- what a fun package!

Julianne said... were a good lil' person this year. Your Santa Elf was good to you..can't wait to see the shawl done. How pretty the colors are...Have a Merry Christmas..Julie

Channon said...

I covet your swirl shawl pattern and yarn. I very much want to do that sooner, rather than later!

Merry Christmas!

Nat Red Knits said...

What a great Santa Elf we both have. You're right ...she has spoiled us both.

Aim said...

Cool stuff!

Wait a minute. You do NOT knit with your toes!!! Huh?!

Have a good Christmas :)

Nell said...

Pretty packages!