Saturday, June 6, 2009

Fun Times...

Jimmy started his birthday with some yummy donuts his daddy went and got and a surprise cd inside a donut bag of SUM 41! We listened to this as we went to the movies and saw Night at the Museum 2 (which was a great movie!) After the movie we went to Vinces's Pasta and Pizza which is similar to a Chuck E. Cheese. He had a great time there playing all the games and eating pizza! He won a cool yo-yo, some airplanes and army men!

He'd frozen some water balloons so him and his daddy carved ice sculptures out of them!
The things boys can think of doing!!:)
I made some yummy strawberry jam as they were sculpting!!

His Grandma Doe Doe and Papa surprised him with this cake that they'd put in the fridge for him to find when he got back from all his fun excursions! He inhaled it!! I don't even think he tasted it he ate it sooooo fast!:)

He had a bunch of phone calls, text messages, facebook messages, blog messages wishing him a Happy Birthday which was totally cool! Now he has to wait till Sunday for his party! You guessed what I'm doing today...yup cleaning!:)

Today is Jimmy's Grandma Carol's birthday...Happy Birthday Mum!

I made her a wrap I designed out of a rose colored yarn, hope she likes it!
This is a close up of it....there are X's and O's...I named it Wrapped in Hugs and Kisses!


Channon said...

What a special wrap! Are you going to share the pattern?

Happy birthday again, to Jimmy and to his grandmother.

Dawn said...

Darn, that's where all the goodies are! LOL!

That's a pretty pattern you used, do tell the details? On my screen (remember my monitor is cursed) it looks lavender! But it's still very pretty! ;O)

Sue said...

I found a photo of Fuji wrapped in a blue blanket. Would it be OK if I used it on our Blue Bandana Blog? We'd love to have her join us, she's way to cute to leave out.

Marisol said...

Happy Birthday Jimmy! Wow you are a young man now! Hope you had a wonderful day:)

g-girl said...

it looks as though jimmy had a great birthday! :) his cake looked yummy! the wrap you made is beautiful. :)