Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day!

James and Lila reading books together...she loves to read them over and over!:)

Lila playing beach ball...having so much fun tossing it at James and I....she really likes it when it pushes James over! Fun times!

Dawn and Lila!

Jimmy and Lila playing "food" together. She really liked playing with the birthday cake and singing to the baby I made her! She'd laugh so hard when I pretended to eat it all gone!:)

Lila and James!
Happy Father's Day to all the wonderful Daddy's out there!


Dawn said...

You've been a busy blogger! LOL!We've been out of town for Fathers Day and I'm just bushed. Glad to see you guys are having such a wonderful time with your company! That's so awesome that Jimmy's family is visiting you guys. Your neice is sure a cutie!

Have a great week! :)

Channon said...

She's a cutie. It's fun to have FUN houseguests, isn't it?

g-girl said...

look at those eyes she's doing in the picture!! cute. :)

Gnat said...

She is too cute!! Looks like lots of fun!