Saturday, July 18, 2009

Fabulous Fibers!!

Ooooh I love getting birthday money....I've had so much fun buying some fiber lately without feeling guilty on doing so!:)
The above fiber is from Nicole at FreckleFaceFibers...its called Creamberry Tart (50% Bombyx, 50% Merino..4oz.) Just love the pinks and it is sooooo silky soft!

This is also a FreckleFaceFiber called Cerese (50% alpaca, 30% merino, 20% silk...3.8oz.)
We met at Sagebrush Coffee shop and had a great time...Sarah and I drooled over Nicole's bag of yummy fibers and Sarah and Nicole bought some soap from me. This place has the best summer tea ever! I had a pomegranate green tea...but last night I stopped by their and had a black tea with peach which is now my favorite and also went back to get another before heading home! Soooooo good and refreshing in this 112 degree desert weather!

I found fiberphiles through twittering with Sarah (limejuicy)...and these lovely fibers found their way to my home! Above is called Pacifica and it is a superwash merino top in these dynamic blues!

This one is a superwash merino top in the colorway Parfait....such vibrant colors and love, love the deep pinks/magenta.

This is another superwash merino top in the colorway Vineyard...loved the colors plus its the name of my church!
I have no idea what I'll make with any of these have quite a few patterns on Ravelry in my queue! I haven't made anything with my handspun yet but I just love spinning these gorgeous rovings! So addicting!
Went yesterday to buy some more oils for my soapmaking....the cold process making of soap takes three weeks to cure after it is made...sooooo in three weeks there will be quite a few new fragrances added to the etsy vienna (coffee)...cucumber melon...more cinnamon spice because I'm almost out of it and a few other surprises! Would love to hear your suggestions!


lime juice said...

oooo!! I made it into your blog! ;)
You got some seriously awesome fiber! I can't wait to see it spun up.

I LOOOVE the cinnamon soap! Love love love! I can't wait for the cafe vienna!!

Julianne said...

I love the parfait and vineyard..cannot wait to see it all spun up..

Anita said...

Those are gorgeous! The cranberry tart is my fave. :)
Woohoo for birthday money!

Channon said...

Yummy! I didn't share the fiber I got for my birthday, but I do hope to be spinning again soon...

Dawn said...

what Great BD Gifts!! Hurry up and spin woman!!! ;O)

Knitting Kris said...

Your fiber rocks - and HAPPY BIRTHDAY! We were away on vacation, and I sadly neglected my blog reading. Just now catching up.
Seriously lovely shawl that you knit for your grandma! She seems so happy in the pictures, and I'm sure she loved it!
Still waiting to see HP - so excited! Had to work this weekend though!

Sue said...

They're all pretty, but the Vinyard is my favorite. I love those deep purple tones.

Marisol said...

Happy belated Birthday! I see you did well. What amazing colors in the various fibers. This should keep you busy for some time:)

Any special plans: type of project, gauge?

Very nice!

g-girl said...

pretty fibers! I love the cerese. what's bombyx?

Gnat said...

Pretty Fibers!!