Saturday, July 25, 2009

Sand Dollar...

The other day when Jimmy and I went to the waterpark with Nicole I bought some more superwash merino from her. Jimmy saw this colorway on her etsy site and loved it and wants me to make some fingerless mitts out of it for him. Such pretty browns with a touch of blue. She gave me the pretty pink/purple to play with. Her colors are sooo awesome!

Jimmy and I went to the movies yesterday with my mom and saw G Force. It was a really cute Disney movie but the theatre was so packed with kids under five whining and fussing. Jimmy kept hushing this one little bratty boy that was sitting next to us. My favorite part of the movie was the part you see in the commercial of the mice saying "poop in his hand!" I'm easily entertained!:)

I'm still knitting on the Landscape shawl, knitting a washcloth, monkey socks are still traveling in my purse and cast on a new scarf (drop stitch scarf)...crocheting washcloths for the etsy store...spinning for the Tour de Fleece. My hand has been giving me lots of problems and have been in a lot of pain from it that I'm not getting much done. Can only spin/knit for a little bit before I'm about crying...advil helps when I remember to take it!

Quite exciting to hear on Dr. Gemma's podcast, CogKnitive, to hear her mentioning my soaps and wanting me to be a vendor at the fiber retreat in October. Very cool! Shocked me to hear my name mentioned on a podcast! Yeah!

Today I've gotta clean bathrooms, change beds, etc.....hope you all have a great weekend!


Dawn said...

You're on your way Missy! I predict you'll be busier than ever with your Etsy store! I just knew that would happen when you got it going! I can see Jimmy handling the books for you while you're off making more soaps & cloths! ;O)

Please take care of that hand. I've been there too often. Is it the crocheting that's causing it? You really need to REST it for a bit!!! Braces, pain creams, meds, they're only temporary help. You need to get it checked out too if rest won't help! I hate to be so bossy, but I know that pain. OUCH!!! :O(

Love the fibers too! Can you take some video of you spinning sometime? I wanna see!!!! ;O) Since I'm 2000 miles away, it's the only way I can be so nosy!

Keep us posted on your hand!!! REST!!

Channon said...

The fibers are beautiful!!

I'm sorry you're hurting. Me, I just don't seem to have time to knit, much less to think about reconnecting with my wheel.

And your soap is wonderful, so I'm not at all surprised you were selected!

Knitting Kris said...

First of all....hope your hand feels better soon.
Awesome fiber!
And lastly, congrats on the whole vendor prospect. You are so talented! Great for you!

g-girl said...

wow, you were mentioned on a podcast? check you out. glad i can say i knew you when. ;) i'm with dawn, take care of that hand!