Sunday, May 23, 2010

Saturday's Stitchin'

Another fun Saturday at Grandma's Yarns & Notions!!
Dawn Rene working on her beautiful cardigan; Luanne working on a baby cardigan; I was working on a shawl; Jackie working on her socks; Nicole (FFF) working on leg warmers; Marilyn working on baby cardigan; Angie some wrist warmers; Nancy a cardigan; and new Nicole working on socks and getting to know us. Also the glass guy, Chris learned to knit!:) We have so much fun laughing, giggling, and chatting...I look forward to every Saturday!:) Luanne used to live in the bay area and with all the water conservation she found this recipe....she liked it so well she still makes salmon this way...had to share it because it was too awesome not to! Gotta get me some salmon!
Salmon in a Dishwasher!!

salmon fillets
aluminum foil
a lemon
a few butter pats
electric dishwasher
Place the fish on two large sheets of aluminum foil. Squeeze on some lemon juice and place the pats of butter on the salmon fillets. Seal the fillets well in the foil, and place the foil packet in the top wire basket of your electric dishwasher. DO NOT ADD SOAP OR DETERGENT. Close the dishwasher door, set the dishwasher on the hottest wash cycle, complete with drying cycle, and let it run through a full cycle. When the cycle is complete the fish will be cooked just right!!


Courtney said...

LOL...wont your washer smell like Salmon? ugh... I dont like salmon personally but that is very inventive..... Cook and clean at the same time

Fru-la-la! said...

I love salmon but I'm not brave enough to do it in the dishwasher!

Channon said...

Neat!! But the Knight's smoked salmon is legendary, so I'll stick with that.

I have washed his ballcaps in the top rack of the dishwasher, so this makes sense to me, I suppose...

g-girl said...

salmon in the dishwasher??? i'd be too chicken to try it out in the dishwasher also! can't wait to hear about when you and james try it out!