Monday, May 17, 2010

Weekend Fun...

Stitchin' Saturday at lys!
Fun times with Dolores, Jackie, Dawn Rene, Nancy, Angie, Marlene...nice to see Sue and Liz who dropped by. Enjoyed Chris the glass guy's goodies he brings!
James working on the front yard, planting grass! ...hard to photograph the area because of the width!
So much to do...poor guy!:)
I made some butterscotch cookies and ran some errands...

Fresh from the Cauldron minis...from a swapless swap I bought over three months ago.
Very beautiful colors! Fun looking through them!


Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh!I never knew that you took the picture of our knitting circle. How neat! And your front yard looks so good. I passed it this morning and slowed down to see how impressive it is! You guys are doing great out there.

Dawn Rene

Dawn said...

I love knitting with my friends, it's the best therapy out there. ;O)