Sunday, October 3, 2010

Cogknitive Fiber Retreat 2010

Cogknitive Retreat 2010 in Tehachapi, CA.!!
James in front of our shelves!
Some awesome shoppers!! Kristina (Casdena) and Lorena (Loremor) :)

Jamie's Metalworks & Tally's Bags....the Jedi Team!

Bee Mice Elf & Feltilicious....Laurs and her sister must of hid from the camera!

Alpenglow Yarns! Redsknits and her daughter Curlie!

Mette (Alpacaholic) & Tom from Ranch of the Oaks!
Learned so much from them and already miss them...we'll come visit soon!

Redfish Dyeworks! Sandy & these two and have so much fun being next to their booth! Big hugs!!!

Slipped Stitch Studio....Laura and her hubby! See ya in Torrance!!

True Love Fiber from Fresno, CA.....sweetest gal, love ya Angela! We both went super short this year with our hair! lol Have to get together before next retreat!

Me next to our table!:)
Other vendors were: FreckleFaceFibers, Unwind, Fickle Knitter, and StashyMama...took the pics but the camera must of ate them because couldn't find them on my camera or the phone? Strange!
Classes held were: Mindy's Fitting Class; Ann's flick carding; Eileen's colorwork; Alexis' Tunisian crochet.
Fun, wonderful, relaxing, calm, awesome day! Exhausted but had a fabulous time! Within the next couple of days I'll post the goodies I got!:)


g-girl said...

looks awesome! you're going to be in torrance this year?? oh i'm so so sad that we're not down in socal anymore!!

Gnat said...

Looks like it was a success!! How fun!