Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Whiskers on Wednesday!

Cosmo helping me spin!
The cats have never paid much attention to me spinning, until yesterday...he was just sitting there staring at me like he always does when whammo he jumps up and tries grabbing the roving! Silly boy! That's why he's a lightening strike blurr! Meow!!
Had a great Tuesday morning knit meet at Panera (my favorite)! Got a yummy pecan was yummy until I found out that it was 720 calories, geez didn't eat anything until dinner! Won't get that again, well maybe once in awhile!:) Perfect way to start the day...yummy food, great friends, and knitting!
Have a happy WOW Wednesday!


Gnat said... cute!! Sounds like a great day! :)

Dawn said...

Sasha likes to walk back and forth over my feet while I'm treadling, but otherwise they just watch! Happy WOW.

g-girl said...

how nice to be able to have a morning knit meet!