Sunday, November 11, 2007

Day 2

Yesterday was day two...went to a yummy, scrumptious breakfast at Apple Farm. Then went to my favorite yarn store in Atascadero, The Scarlet Skein, was quite excited to see Alana that I'd met the last time I was there...went back to San Luis Obisipo and went to another yarn store, photography store (hubby), and other shops...went to Morro Bay shopping (Jimmy got some awesome shells) lunch at McD's as we drove to Cayucos to meet up with some friends. Jimmy had a blast playing on the beach with the kids...had to run to the store and get him some swim trunks because he got soaking wet...mind you even in CA its winter, approximately 60 degree weather, I even had my wool jacket on! Went back to the hotel to shower Jimmy and get him warmed up. Hubby went to our favorite pizza joint and brought back pizza to the room and we just chilled out! In bed and asleep by 7:30...all of us exhausted! It seems like we've been gone from home forever! I missed seeing my friend from ravelry because she's sick with a sinus infection...definitely know how miserable that is...pray she gets better soon and will meet her when we come back in April!

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